Formation of DSIF complex

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Homo sapiens
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At the beginning of this reaction, 1 molecule of 'SUPT5H protein', and 1 molecule of 'SPT4H1 protein' are present. At the end of this reaction, 1 molecule of 'DSIF complex' is present (Wada et al. 1998).

This reaction takes place in the 'nucleus'.

Literature References
PubMed ID Title Journal Year
9450929 DSIF, a novel transcription elongation factor that regulates RNA polymerase II processivity, is composed of human Spt4 and Spt5 homologs.

Wada, T, Takagi, T, Yamaguchi, Y, Ferdous, A, Imai, T, Hirose, S, Sugimoto, S, Yano, K, Hartzog, GA, Winston, F, Buratowski, S, Handa, H

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