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Myelin components can interact with p75NTR:NgR:LINGO1

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Homo sapiens
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A group of myelin components named MDGIs (myelin-derived growth-inhibitors), bind to NgR and inhibit neurite outgrowth. Examples of such components are NOGO, OMGP (oligodendrocyte myelin glycoprotein) and MAG (myelin-associated glycoprotein). The amino-terminal region of NgR, covering eight leucine-rich repeats (LRR) and the LRR carboxy-terminal domain (LRRCT) is sufficient to interact with MAG, OMGP and NOGO. Their binding to NgR enhances the NgR-p75 interaction.These inhibitors bind to a receptor complex made up of the NOGO receptor, NgR, and p75NTR. Such complexes then activate RHOA, thereby inhibiting axonal growth.

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