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The p75NTR:NgR:MDGI complex reduces RHOA-GDI activity, displacing RHOA

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In the presence of a myelin component (GMDI), such as MAG, NOGO or OMG, bound to a complex of the NOGO receptor (RTN4R, also known as NgR) and NGFR (p75NTR), binding of NGFR to ARHGDIA, a RHO-GDI, associated with RHOA:GDP, is strengthened (Yamashita and Tohyama 2003). The presence of LINGO1 in the complex of NGFR, RTN4R and MAG, NOGO or OMG is needed for NGFR-dependent activation of RHOA (Mi et al. 2004).

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12692556 The p75 receptor acts as a displacement factor that releases Rho from Rho-GDI Nat Neurosci 2003
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