YWHAB (14-3-3 beta/alpha) dimer binds phosphorylated YAP1

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YWHAB (14-3-3 beta/alpha) binds phosphorylated YAP1 proteins, sequestering them in the cytosol. Structural studies indicate that the active form of YWHAB (14-3-3 beta/alpha) is a homodimer (Yang et al. 2006); the stoichiometry of its complex with YAP1 is unknown and has been annotated arbitrarily here to involve one YAP1 molecule and a YWHAB (14-3-3 beta/alpha) dimer. While YAP1 can be phosphorylated on several serine residues, phosphorylation of serine-127 appears to be critical for YWHAB(14-3-3 beta/alpha) binding (Zhao et al. 2007).

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