ESPL1 (Separase) cleaves centromeric cohesin

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ESPL1 (separin i.e. separase) cleaves RAD21 (SCC1) subunit of centromeric cohesin at two sites that conform to the consensus separase recognition site E-X-X-R: after arginine residue R172 and after arginine residue R450 (Hauf et al. 2001). Phosphorylation of RAD21 at the serine residue S454 by PLK1 in prometaphase facilitates ESPL1-mediated cleavage of RAD21 at the C-terminal cleavage site R450 (Hauf et al. 2005). The N-terminal and C-terminal RAD21 cleavage fragments remain bound to the rest of the cohesin complex (Deardorff et al. 2012). It is not clear whether RAD21 middle fragment also continues to be associated with cohesin.

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