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YWHAZ and XPO1 mediate the nuclear export of beta-catenin

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Homo sapiens
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14-3-3/YWHAZ and XPO1 both contribute to the CBY1-mediated nuclear export of beta-catenin (Li et al, 2008; Li et al, 2010). The fate of the tripartite beta-catenin:CBY1:14-3-3/YWHAZ complex in the cytoplasm is unknown, although it may represent a reservoir of beta-catenin available for further signaling. CBY1 may remain associated with 14-3-3/YWHAZ in the cytoplasm, as 14-3-3/YWHAZ binding inhibits binding of alpha-importin to CBY1 (Li et al, 2010) . This suggests the presence of a phosphatase that dephosphorylates S20 on CBY1 to allow binding with alpha-importin and reimport into the nucleus.

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