CASR binds Ca2+

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Homo sapiens
Calcium-sensing receptor binds calcium
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The parathyroid glands play a role in ion homeostasis by sensing small changes in extracellular Ca2+ ion concentration. These glands express a cell surface receptor, calcium-sensing receptors (CaR) (Garrett JE et al, 1995) that is activated by increases in the concentration of extracellular calcium and by a variety of other cations. CaR serves as the primary physiological regulator of parathyroid hormone (PTH) secretion. CaR contributes to regulation of systemic calcium homeostasis by activation of Gq- (Kifor O et al, 1997) and Gi-linked (Kifor O et al, 2001) signaling pathways in the parathyroid glands, kidney and intestine.
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