IL10 dimer:2xIL10RA1:JAK1 binds IL10RB:TYK2

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Interleukin-10 receptor chain B (IL10RB, IL10R2, CRF2-4) binds the IL1-10:IL10RA complex, causing conformational changes that allow it to bind IL-10 (Yoon et al. 2010). IL10RB is essential for signal transduction (Kotenko et al. 1997). It is constitutively bound to the JAK family kinase TYK2 (Kotenko et al. 1997, Spencer et al. 1998).

IL10RB can also combine with either IL-22R1, IFN-lambdaR1 or IL-20R1 to assemble the IL-22, IFN-lambda or IL-26 receptor complexes, respectively (Kotenko & Langer 2004).

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