Defective TPR may confer susceptibility towards thyroid papillary carcinoma (TPC)

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The nuclear pore complex (NPC) trafficks cargo across the nuclear membrane. Nucleoprotein TPR functions as a scaffolding element in the nuclear phase of the NPC essential for normal nucleocytoplasmic transport of proteins and mRNAs. The complex glucokinase (GCK1) and glucokinase regulatory protein (GKRP) can be translocated to the nucleus via the NPC. Defects in TPR may confer susceptibility towards thyroid papillary carcinona (TPC; MIM:18850), a common tumor of the thyroid that typically arises as an irregular, solid or cystic mass from otherwise normal thyroid tissue (Vriens et al. 2009, Bonora et al. 2010).

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papillary carcinoma 3113 Papillary carcinoma (morphologic abnormality), Papillary carcinoma, Papillary carcinoma NOS (morphologic abnormality)