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TNFRSF6B binds TNFSF6,14,15

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Homo sapiens
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Tumor necrosis factor ligand superfamily member 15 (TNFSF15 aka VEGI) mediates the activation of NF-kappaB and subsequently can inhibit vascular endothelial growth, angiogenesis and promote activation of caspases and apoptosis (Haridas et al. 1999). TNFSF15 can bind the secreted decoy receptor tumor necrosis factor receptor superfamily member 6B (TNFRSF6B aka DcR3). Upon binding, the cytotoxic effects of TNFSF15 are neutralised thereby protecting against apoptosis. TNFRSF6B can also neutralise the cytotoxic ligands TNFSF14 (aka LIGHT) and TNFSF6 (aka FASL) (Zhan et al. 2011).

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