ADRM1:26S proteaseome binds USP14

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ADRM1 (Rpn13) interacts with the 26S proteasome base unit PRDM1 (Rpn2) via its amino-terminus and is found in the majority of 26S proteasomes. ADRM1 can bind K48-linked di-Ubiquitin (Schreiner et al. 2008, Husnjak et al. 2008) and several de-ubiquitinating enzymes (DUBs) including PSDM14 (Rpn11, POH1), part of the 26S proteasome, and USP14 (Borodovsky et al. 2001, Reyes-Turcu et al. 2009). These proteasome-associated DUBs disassemble poly-Ub chains and recycle ubiquitin during proteasomal degradation. They may also act to prevent the degradation of mis-tagged proteins.

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11566882 A novel active site-directed probe specific for deubiquitylating enzymes reveals proteasome association of USP14

Borodovsky, A, Kessler, BM, Casagrande, R, Overkleeft, HS, Wilkinson, KD, Ploegh, HL

EMBO J. 2001
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