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PLA2s hydrolyze phospholipids at the Golgi membrane

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Homo sapiens
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Phospholipase A (PLA2) hydrolyzes the sn-2 position of phospholipids, releasing a fatty acid and a lysophospholipid (reviewed in Six and Dennis, 2000; Kudo and Murakami, 2002). A number studies have highlighted roles for a number of PLA2s in the maintenance of Golgi function and structure (de Figueiredo et al, 1998; de Figueiredo et al, 1999). PLAs may generate phospholipid and fatty acid products that recruit effectors of Golgi function and trafficking to the membrane or that affect downstream signaling pathways. Alternately, PLA2s may contribute directly to tubule formation at the Golgi through the production of the membrane-curvature inducing lysophospholipid (reviewed in Bechler et al, 2012). PLA2s may be recruited to the Golgi in response to changes in Ca2+ and/or cargo concentration that occur as a result of secretory traffic (Micaroni et al, 2010; San Pietro et al, 2009; Pulvirenti et al, 2008).

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phospholipase A2 activity of cPLA2s [cytosol]
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