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'TBC1D2 [cytosol]' positively regulates 'TBC1D2A accelerates GTP hydrolysis by RAB7'

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TBC1 domain family member 2A (TBC1D2A also referred as Armus) is a member of the TBC/RabGAP family (Tre2/Bub2/Cdc16; TBC domain) that specifically inactivates RAB7 by accelerating their GTPase activity. Armus/TBC1D2A binds specifically to activated Rac1 and its C-terminal TBC/RabGAP domain inactivates RAB7 to promote ARF6-induced E-Cadherin degradation (Frasa et al. 2010). In autophagy regulation Armus is recruited to autophagosomes by interacting with LC3, a core autophagy regulator and inhibit RAB7 (Carroll et al. 2013).

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