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ARBB recruits GPCRs into clathrin-coated pits

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Homo sapiens
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Interaction between beta-arrestins and components of the clathrin-coat mediate the recruitment of GPCRs into nascent clathrin-coated pits (Shenoy et al, 2001; Goodman et al, 1997; Goodman et al, 1997; Laporte et al, 1999; reviewed in Gurevich and Gurevich, 2006). In the case of the V2 vasopressin receptor (AVPR2) and the beta-2 adrenergic receptor (ADRB2), this beta-arrestin-mediated recruitment into clathrin-coated pits is negatively regulated by UBQLN2, possibly through competition for binding to the UIM-containing proteins such as EPS15, EPN1 and EPN2 (N'Diaye et al, 2008).

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