CREB3L1 translocates from the endoplasmic reticulum membrane to the Golgi membrane

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CREB3L1 (OASIS) is normally a short-lived protein located in the endoplasmic reticulum (ER) membrane (Kondo et al. 2012) of osteoblasts, astrocytes, intestine, salivary gland, and prostate. It is targeted for proteolytic degradation by HRD1 (inferred from mouse homologs). During ER stress CREB3L1 becomes stabilized and traffics by an uncharacterized mechanism to the Golgi membrane where it is cleaved by Golgi-resident proteases MBTPS1 (S1P) and MBTPS2 (S2P) (inferred from mouse homologs).

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Cell Death Differ. 2012
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