Formation of MIB complex containing the MICOS complex causes curvature of mitochondrial inner membrane

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Assembly of the MICOS complex on the inner mitochondrial membrane appears to cause curvature of the inner membrane into the matrix to form invaginations known as cristae (Guarani et al. 2015, Huynen et al. 2016). The order of steps by which the MICOS complex assembles is unknown, however the MICOS complex is known to contain two subcomplexes: the MIC60 subcomplex and the MIC10 subcomplex which may associate via CHCHD3 (MIC19, MINOS3) (Huynen et al. 2016, nomenclature of subunits in Pfanner et al. 2014). HSPA9 also associates with MIC10 (MINOS1) in the complex (Alkhaja et al. 2012). The oxidation state of MIC19 regulates assembly of the MICOS complex (Sakowska et al. 2015). QIL1 (MIC12, MIC13), which has a distant orthologue in yeast (Huynen et al. 2016), is required for assembly of MIC10, MIC26, and MIC27 into the MICOS complex but not for formation of the MIC60 subcomplex (Guarani et al. 2015, Anand et al. 2016, Zerbes et al. 2016). Mutations in QIL1 cause loss of MICOS complex assembly and cristae junction architecture (Guarani et al. 2016, Zeharia et al. 2016)
The MICOS complex associates with the SAM complex of the outer membrane to form the Mitochondrial Intermembrane space Bridging complex (MIB complex) that links the inner and outer membranes (Kozjak-Pavlovic et al. 2007, Xie et al. 2007, Ott et al. 2012, Ding et al. 2015, Huynen et al. 2016). Oligomerization of the MINOS1 (MIC10) subunit (Alkhaja et al. 2012) within the MIC10 subcomplex is responsible for the curvature of the inner membrane (inferred from yeast). Dimerization of the F1Fo ATP synthase occurs at the interior-most regions of the cristae to form the curvature there (inferred from yeast).

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