Chylomicron assembly

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Homo sapiens
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Chylomicrons transport triacylglycerol, phospholipid, and cholesterol derived from dietary lipid from the small intestine to other tissues of the body. Each chylomicron assembles around a single molecule of apolipoprotein B-48 (Phillips et al. 1997) which at the time the particle leaves the intestine and enters the lymphatic circulation is complexed with >200,000 molecules of triacylglycerol (TG), ~35,000 of phospholipid, ~11,000 of cholesterol ester, ~8,000 of free cholesterol, ~60 copies of apolipoprotein A-I, ~15 copies of apolipoprotein A-IV, and copies of apolipoprotein A-II (Bhattacharya and Redgrave 1981).

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