RHOA GTPase cycle

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This pathway catalogues RHOA guanine nucleotide exchange factors (GEFs), GTPase activator proteins (GAPs), GDP dissociation inhibitors (GDIs) and RHOA effectors. RHOA is one of the three best characterized RHO GTPases, the other two being RAC1 and CDC42, and is the founding member of the RHO GTPase family (Zhou and Zheng 2013). RHOA regulates the cytoskeleton and cell contractility (Lessey et al. 2012), thus playing a role in a number of cellular functions, such as adhesion, migration, survival, division, vesicle trafficking and gene expression (Zhou and Zheng 2013). RHOA-regulated processes are involved in mechanotransduction (Lessey et al. 2012; Marjoram et al. 2014), neuronal development (Zhou and Zheng 2013; Fujita and Yamashita 2014; Hu and Selzer 2017), immune system development (Zhou and Zheng 2013; Ricker et al. 2016; Bros et al. 2019), and cardiovascular regulation (Zhou and Zheng 2013; Cai et al. 2016; Shimokawa et al. 2016). RHOA mutations are frequently found in cancer (Kataoka and Ogawa 2016). Toxins of numerous pathogens target RHOA to hijack the host cytoskeleton (Jamilloux et al. 2018).
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