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ROBO receptors bind AKAP5

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Homo sapiens
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AKAP5 (also known as AKAP79 in humans and Akap150 in mice) is an A-kinase anchoring protein which is able to bind to ROBO receptors ROBO2 and ROBO3.1, an isoform of ROBO3, by interacting with their cytoplasmic tails. The interaction was originally detected between endogenous proteins from the mouse brain lysates. AKAP5 can recruit protein kinase A (PKA), protein kinase C (PKC) and protein phosphatase PP2B to ROBO2. AKAP5-mediated recruitment of PKC to ROBO3.1 leads to phosphorylation of ROBO3.1 by PKC. Functional implications of AKAP5 interaction with ROBO receptors are not known (Samelson et al. 2015).

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