RHOT1 GTPase cycle

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Homo sapiens
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This pathway catalogues guanine nucleotide exchange factors (GEFs) and effectors of RHOT1 (also known as MIRO-1). RHOT1 possesses a high intrinsic GTP-ase activity and does not require a GTPase activator protein (GAP) (Peters et al. 2018). No GDP dissociation inhibitors (GDIs) have been reported to interact with RHOT1. RHOT1 is a mitochondrial RHO GTPase. Like related RHOT2 (MIRO-2), RHOT1 localizes to the outer mitochondrial membrane. RHOT1 is implicated in mitochondrial movement inside the cells (Schwarz 2013), including the axonal transport of mitochondria in neurons (Saxton and Hollenbeck 2012; Birsa et al. 2013; Devine et al. 2016), as well as mitochondrial fission and fusion (Saxton and Hollenbeck 2012). RHOT1/RHOT2-mediated mitochondrial turnover is affected in neurodegenerative diseases (Birsa et al. 2013; Devine et al. 2016). RHOT1 can localize to peroxisomes and regulate peroxisome motility and fission (Castro et al. 2018, Okumoto et al. 2018, Covill-Cooke et al. 2020). RHOT1 is also involved in the regulation of ER-mitochondria membrane contact sites (Grossmann et al. 2019, Modi et al. 2019).
Upregulation of RHOT1 has a neuroprotective effect in ischemic stroke (Wei et al. 2019).
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