Requirement by 'PP2A (Aalpha:B55alpha:Calpha) [cytosol]'

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12554878 Characterization of human Smg5/7a: a protein with similarities to Caenorhabditis elegans SMG5 and SMG7 that functions in the dephosphorylation of Upf1

Chiu, SY, Serin, G, Ohara, O, Maquat, LE

RNA 2003
14636577 Phosphorylation of hUPF1 induces formation of mRNA surveillance complexes containing hSMG-5 and hSMG-7

Ohnishi, T, Yamashita, A, Kashima, I, Schell, T, Anders, KR, Grimson, A, Hachiya, T, Hentze, MW, Anderson, P, Ohno, S

Mol Cell 2003
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