PEX2:PEX10:PEX12:Ub:PEX5S,L:PEX1:PEX6:PEX26:ZFAND6 [peroxisomal membrane]

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Homo sapiens
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21980954 AWP1/ZFAND6 functions in Pex5 export by interacting with cys-monoubiquitinated Pex5 and Pex6 AAA ATPase

Miyata, N, Okumoto, K, Mukai, S, Noguchi, M, Fujiki, Y

Traffic 2012
16257970 Mutations in the peroxin Pex26p responsible for peroxisome biogenesis disorders of complementation group 8 impair its stability, peroxisomal localization, and interaction with the Pex1p x Pex6p complex

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16854980 Dynamic and functional assembly of the AAA peroxins, Pex1p and Pex6p, and their membrane receptor Pex26p

Tamura, S, Yasutake, S, Matsumoto, N, Fujiki, Y

J. Biol. Chem. 2006
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