NAB2 and CHD4 bind and repress EGR-mediated RRAD gene expression

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NAB2 is recruited to EGR2 to the RRAD promoter through interaction with the NCD1 (NAB conserved domain 1) (Svaren et al, 1996; Svaren et al, 1998). NAB2 in turn recruits the CHD4 subunit of the NURD chromatin remodelling complex through its CID (CHD4-interacting domain) and in this manner, represses transcription from the RRAD promoter (Srinivasan et al, 2006; Mager et al, 2008). In addition to roles in cellular proliferation and cardiac function, RRAD protein is known to contribute to RHO signaling, which promotes Schwann cell migration and myelination (Zhu et al, 1999; Wang et al, 2010; Chang et al, 2007, Ward et al, 2002; Yamauchi et al, 2004; Melendez-Vasquez et al, 2004).
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