RUNX1, SPI1 (PU.1), GATA2, TAL1 (SCL), FLI1, and MYB bind the CEBPA promoter

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The evolutionarily conserved upstream enhancer of the CEBPA gene binds RUNX1, SPI1 (PU.1), GATA2, TAL1 (SCL), FLI1, and MYB in hemopoietic progenitor cells and myeloid progenitor cells (inferred from mouse). Unlike the promoter of the mouse Cebpa gene, the human CEBPA promoter does not bind CEBPA and autoregulation of CEBPA occurs indirectly through CEBPA-stimulated binding of USF to the promoter of the CEBPA gene (Timchenko et al. 1995). As inferred from mouse homologs, RUNX1, GATA2, SCL, SPI1, and FLI1 bind concomitantly.

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