BCL2L11 gene expression is stimulated by FOXO1,FOXO3,(FOXO4) and NF-Y

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Homo sapiens
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BCL2L11 (BIM) gene transcription is stimulated by FOXO transcription factors FOXO1 (Gilley et al. 2003), FOXO3 (Gilley et al. 2003, Hughes et al. 2011) and FOXO4 (Urbich et al. 2005, Chuang et al. 2007, Chen et al. 2013, Wang et al. 2016), the NF-Y transcription factor complex (Hughes et al. 2011), and histone acetyltransferases CREBBP and/or EP300 (Hughes et al. 2011). Direct transcriptional regulation of BCL2L11 gene has not been demonstrated for FOXO4. FOXO-mediated upregulation of the pro-apoptotic BCL2L11 plays an important role in NGF withdrawal-induced death of sympathetic neurons (Gilley et al. 2003, Hughes et al. 2011).
FOXO-mediated upregulation of BCL2L11 gene transcription is positively regulated by DDIT3 (CHOP) through an unknown mechanism that may involve binding of DDIT3 to FOXO3 (Ghosh et al. 2012).

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