RHOF binds effectors at the plasma membrane

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Active GTP-bound RHOF binds the following effectors:
BAIAP2L1 (Sudhaharan et al. 2016)
BAIAP2L2 (Sudhaharan et al. 2016)
DIAPH1 (Fan et al. 2010)
DIAPH2 (Gorelik et al. 2011)
FARP1 (Fan et al. 2015)

The following candidate RHOF effectors that can localize to cytosol or the plasma membrane were reported by Bagci et al. 2020 to bind active RHOF:
ACTB (Bagci et al. 2020)
ACTN1 (Bagci et al. 2020)
ADD3 (Bagci et al. 2020)
AKAP12 (Bagci et al. 2020)
ARHGAP1 (Bagci et al. 2020)
ARHGAP39 (Bagci et al. 2020)
BASP1 (Bagci et al. 2020)
CAPZB (Bagci et al. 2020)
CAV1 (Bagci et al. 2020)
CPNE8 (Bagci et al. 2020)
DIAPH3 (Bagci et al. 2020)
ESYT1 (Bagci et al. 2020)
FAM169A (Bagci et al. 2020)
LMNB1 (Bagci et al. 2020)
MCAM (Bagci et al. 2020)
MTMR1 (Bagci et al. 2020)
POTEE (Bagci et al. 2020)
RAB7A (Bagci et al. 2020)
SENP1 (Bagci et al. 2020)
SLC4A7 (Bagci et al. 2020)
SNAP23 (Bagci et al. 2020)
SOWAHC (Bagci et al. 2020)
STEAP3 (Bagci et al. 2020)
TMPO (Bagci et al. 2020)
TOR1AIP1 (Bagci et al. 2020)
VAMP3 (Bagci et al. 2020)
VANGL1 (Bagci et al. 2020)

Several putative effectors that localize to endoplasmic reticulum, endosomes or the mitochondrial outer membrane were reported to bind active RHOF by Bagci et al. 2020, but as the localization of RHOF to these cellular compartments has not been established, these effectors have not been annotated:

The following putative effectors were reported not to bind active RHOF:
DBN1 (Bagci et al. 2020)
EFHD2 (Bagci et al. 2020)
GOLGA8R (Bagci et al. 2020)
HINT2 (Bagci et al. 2020)
MOSPD2 (Bagci et al. 2020)
STBD1 (Bagci et al. 2020)
VAPB (Bagci et al. 2020)
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