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Eicosanoids, oxygenated, 20-carbon fatty acids, are autocrine and paracrine signaling molecules that modulate physiological processes including pain, fever, inflammation, blood clot formation, smooth muscle contraction and relaxation, and the release of gastric acid. Eicosanoids are synthesized in humans primarily from arachidonic acid (AA) that is released from membrane phospholipids. Once released, AA can be acted on by various enzymes to form different eicosanoids. Arachidonate lipoxygenase 5 (ALOX)5 form leukotrienes (LTs) and eicosatetraenoic acids (ETEs) from AA. LTs and ETEs are biologically active molecules formed in response to inflammatory stimuli. They cause contraction of bronchial smooth muscles, stimulation of vascular permeability, and attraction and activation of leukocytes. When produced in excess, these molecules may contribute to a wide range of pathological inflammatory responses.

ALOX5 inhibitors are compounds that slow or stop the action of the ALOX5 enzyme, which is responsible for the production of inflammatory LTs and ETEs. Zileuton blocks the activity of ALOX5 (Carter et al. 1991). Zileuton is used in the treatment of acne vulgaris (Zouboulis 2005, Zouboulis et al. 2009) and for the prophylaxis and chronic treatment of allergic asthma (Bruno et al. 2018, Morina et al. 2016). Meclofenamic acid is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) used for the relief of mild to moderate pain, for the treatment of primary dysmenorrhea and for the treatment of idiopathic heavy menstrual blood loss. It is also used for relief of the signs and symptoms of acute and chronic rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. In vitro meclofenamic acid was found to be an inhibitor of human ALOX5 activity (Boctor et al. 1986). Balsalazide, olsalazine and sulfasalazine are all pro-drugs that are enzymatically cleaved in the colon to produce the anti-inflammatory agent mesalazine (5-aminosalicylic acid, 5-ASA, mesalazine (Klotz 1985, Selby et al. 1985, Sharon et al. 1978, Hawkey et al. 1985, Neilsen et al. 1987). Once metabolised, 5-ASA acts locally in the colon to reduce inflammation in conditions such as inflammatory bowel disease and ulcerative colitis (Wiggins & Rajapakse 2009, Rask-Madsen et al. 1992, Singer et al. 2006, Hoult 1986, Feagan & Macdonald 2012).

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