LEF1, CTNNB1 and MITF-M bind the MITF gene

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WNT3A and WNT1 promote melanocyte lineage development, expansion of melanocytes from neural crest cells and expression of the melanocyte-specific isoform of MITF (Ikeya et al, 1997; Dorsky et al, 1998; Dunn et al, 2005; Takeda et al, 2000). In response to WNT3A, LEF1 and CTNNB1 (beta catenin) bind to 3 LEF1 elements in the M-promoter of MITF to drive expression, as assessed by EMSA, ChIP and reporter gene assays. Mutation of the LEF1 binding site abolishes both the interaction of LEF1 with the promoter and the activation of MITF-M expression (Takeda et al, 2000; Dorsky et al, 2000; Widlund et al, 2002).
MITF protein has been shown to interact with LEF1 by co-immunoprecipitation, and MITF-M stimulates its own expression in a manner that is independent of its DNA binding (Saito et al, 2002, Wang et al 2018). MITF-responsive transcription is dose-dependent, with MITF-M synergizing with LEF1 at lower concentrations to stimulate its own transcription, but inhibiting expression at higher doses.
WNT-, beta-catenin- and LEF1-driven MITF expression is also seen in melanoma cell lines, where MITF contributes to proliferation and survival (Widlund et al, 2002).
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