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After its transport to lysosomes, prosaposin (PSAP) gets cleaved by unknown proteases into the fragments PSAP(60-142) (Saposin A), PSAP(195-273) (Saposin B), PSAP(311-391) (Saposin C) and PSAP(405-486) (Saposin D). Intermediate polyproteins during cleavage appear to be B-C-D, B-C, and C-D (Furst et al., 1988; Leonova et al., 1996; saposins were reviewed by O'Brien & Kishimoto, 1991; Morales et al., 1995; Kolter et al., 2005: Kolter & Sandhoff, 2010; Garrido-Arandia et al., 2018). Bioinformatics suggests that different peptidases, including trypsin, may be responsible for cleavage at different PSAP cleavage sites. In its dimerized form PSAP(195-273) (Saposin B) is centrally involved in mobilizing glycosphingolipids for catabolism, while PSAP(60-142) (Saposin A) and PSAP(405-486) (Saposin D) activate GALC and ASAH1, respectively.
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