Transfer of Fe-S clusters to SDHB

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After translation in cytosol and translocation to the mitochondrial inner membrane SDH subunits C and D (SDHC, SDHD), together with the heme b cofactor, bind to the assembled soluble SDHA:SDHB construct to form the fully functional SDH complex in the mitochondrial membrane. Although a full structure of the porcine complex exists (PDB 1ZOY) no details are known about the last steps of the assembly. However, successful assembly depends on the presence of both the SDHC heme b cofactor and the C-terminal tail of the SDHA subunit. (Lemarie & Grimm, 2009; Kim et al., 2012; reviewed in Van Vranken et al., 2014; Signes & Fernandez-Vizarra, 2018).
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iron chaperone activity of 2 Iron:FXN [mitochondrial matrix]

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