Processing of Proinsulin to Insulin

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Processing of Proinsulin to Insulin

Proinsulin in proinsulin-zinc-calcium complexes is cleaved by endopeptidases Convertase 1/3 and Convertase 2. The exopeptidase Carboxypeptidase E then removes 2 amino acids from the carboxyl termini. Unlike the proinsulin-zinc calcium complex, the insulin-zinc-calcium complex is not soluble and forms crystals inside the secretory granules. The association of carboxypeptidase E with the secretory granule membrane is inferred from studies of bovine and mouse proteins (Cool et al. 1997).

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serine-type endopeptidase activity of Convertase PC2 (in immature granule) [secretory granule lumen]
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transporter activity of Zinc Transporter8 (ZnT8) [Golgi membrane]
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peptidase activity of Carboxypeptidase E (in immature granule) [secretory granule membrane]
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serine-type endopeptidase activity of Pcsk1 [secretory granule lumen]
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