Notch1 gene transcription

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Notch1 gene transcription

Rbpj knockout mouse embryos show severely reduced Notch1 transcription. In addition, transcription of zebrafish Notch1 homologue is severely reduced in zebrafish Mib (mindbomb) mutants (Del Monte et al. 2007). These findings indicate a postive feedback loop in Notch1 gene expression. However, Rbpj binding sites have not been found in mouse or human Notch1 promoter.

In mouse retina, Ccnd1 (cyclin D1) forms a complex with Crebbp and binds Notch1 promoter, stimulating Notch1 transcription. Positive effect of Ccnd1 on Notch1 transcription is also observed in R28 rat retinal precursor cells (Bienvenu et al. 2010).

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