Expression of Pparg

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Mus musculus
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Expression of Pparg

In mouse 3T3-L1 cells, the transcription factors Cebpb, Cebpd, and Klf5 simultaneously bind the Pparg promoter and synergistically activate transcription of the PPARG gene (Oishi et al. 2005, Wu et al.1996, Hamm et al. 2001, Wu et al. 1995).These three factors activate transcription after initial stimulation of adipocyte differentiation but then are replaced by Cebpa within 10 days (Yeh et al. 1995). Cebpa and other factors may be responsible for long term maintenance of Pparg expression and the differentiated state.
Preadipose tissue contains both the widely expressed PPARG variant 1 mRNA and the more tissue-specific PPARG variant 2. The PPARG variant 2 mRNA is translated to yield Pparg variant 2 protein, which has 505 amino acid residues (57 KDa) and is the longest of the 4 observed variants. Variant 2 is specific to preadipose tissue.
In mouse 3T3-L1 cells, by 10 days after induction of adipocyte differentiation Cebpa, but neither Cebpb nor Cebpd, is detectable at the Pparg promoter (Yeh et al. 1995). While adipocyte differentiation can proceed without Cebpa, adipocytes differentiated from Cebpa-knockout cells are insulin insensitive due to a defect in Glut4 (Slc2a4) vesicle trafficking (Wertheim et al. 2004).

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