Pias1,2-2 Sumoylate Pparg with Sumo1

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Pias1,2-2 Sumoylate Pparg with Sumo1

Pias1,2-1 sumoylate Pparg with Sumo1 at lysine-107 and lysine-365 (Floyd and Stephens 2004, Ohshima et al. 2004, Yamashita et al. 2004, Pascual et al. 2005, Jennewein et al. 2008). Sumoylation decreases the transcriptional coactivation activity of Pparg. Sumoylation at lysine-365 is dependent on ligand-binding and causes Pparg to recruit corepressors such as Ncor and Hdac3.

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SUMO transferase activity of Pias1,2-2 [nucleoplasm]

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