Dnmt1 methylates cytosine in hemimethylated DNA

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Dnmt1 methylates cytosine in hemimethylated DNA

Dnmt1 transfers a methyl group from S-adenosylmethionine to the 5-position of the cytosine ring of cytosine residues in DNA. Dnmt1 contains a catalytic C-terminal domain and an N-terminal regulatory domain (Bestor et al. 1988), and alone has an approximately 15-fold preference for methylating hemimthylated CG dinucleotides relative to unmethylated dinucleotides in DNA (Bestor and Ingram 1983, Gowher et al. 2005, Svedruzic et al. 2005, Vilkaitis et al. 2005, Goyal et al. 2006). Interaction with Uhrf1 (Np95) specifically increases the activity of Dnmt1 on hemimethylated DNA (Berkyurek et al. 2014). Structural analysis indicates that the hemimethylated cytosine residue is bound to a shallow hydrophobic concave surface of Dnmt1 while the substrate cytosine is covalently bound to the catalytic pocket (Song et al. 2012).

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DNA (cytosine-5-)-methyltransferase activity, acting on CpG substrates of Dnmt1:Uhrf1:Chromatin with hemimethylC [nucleoplasm]
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