Phosphorylated Cry:Per:Kinase complex translocates to the nucleus

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Mus musculus
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Phosphorylated Cry:Per:Kinase complex translocates to the nucleus

Cry proteins facilitate the entry of Per proteins into the nucleus. Phosphorylation of Cry and Per proteins regulates their cytoplasmic-nuclear translocation as well as their degradation. Phosphorylation of Per1 was observed to block its entry into the nucleus (Vielhaber et al. 2000), however both Per1 and Per2 showed reduced nuclear localization in mutants lacking both Csnk1d and Csnk1e kinases (Lee et al. 2009). Cry proteins act to retain Per2 in the nucleus (Yagita 2002). In wild type mice Cry and Per proteins are predominantly nuclear.

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