Hoxd4 gene is transcribed

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Mus musculus

The Hoxd4 gene is transcribed to yield mRNA (Featherstone et al. 1988, Popperl and Featherstone 1993, Folberg et al. 1997, Zhang et al. 1997, Folberg et al. 1999, Pitera et al. 1999, Zhang et al. 2000, Wendling et al. 2001, Nolte et al. 2003, Serpente et al. 2005, Kobrossy et al. 2006, Nolte et al. 2006). Hoxd4 mRNA is observed in rhombomere 7 and caudally in spinal cord and prevertebrae of embryos (Featherstone et al. 1988).

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