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Mus musculus

The Hoxb3 gene is transcribed to yield mRNA (Sham et al. 1992, Manzanares et al. 1997, Manzanares et al. 2002, Yau et al. 2002, Mechta-Grigoriou et al. 2003). Hoxb3 mRNA is observed strongly in rhombomere 5 (Manzanares et al. 1997, Manzanares et al. 2002) and more weakly in rhombomeres 6 and 7 of the hindbrain (Kwan et al. 2001, Yau et al. 2002). Hoxb3 mRNA is also observed in mesodermal derivatives including lung, stomach, pancreas, and metanephros, and in neural crest derivatives (Sham et al. 1992).

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