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Adrbk1 binds pS592, S594, T597, S599 Smo dimer:Csnk1a1

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Mus musculus

Ardbk1 binds to the Smo C-terminal tail as assessed by co-immunoprecipitation from NIH 3T3 cells. Binding is enhanced after the Smo C-terminal tail is phosphorylated by Csnk1a1. Ardbk1 phosphorylates Smo on numerous serine and threonine residues in an in vitro assay, but phosphorylation in the S1 region appears to be the most critical. Phosphorylation by Csnk1a1 and Ardbk1 promotes an open tail conformation within the Smo dimer, activating the protein and promoting downstream signal propagation (Chen et al, 2011; Chen et al, 2010; Zhao et al, 2007).

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