Cebpa transcription is enhanced by Runx1, Spi1 (PU.1), Gata2, Tal1 (Scl), Fli1, Myb, and Cebpa

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Cebpa transcription is enhanced by Runx1, Spi1 (PU.1), Gata2, Tal1 (Scl), Fli1, Myb, and Cebpa
Runx1, Spi1 (PU.1), Gata2, Tal1 (Scl), Myb, and Cebpa (Lane et al. 1996) all contribute to the level of transcription in hemopoietic progenitor cells and myeloid progenitor cells (Wilson et al. 2010, Guo et al. 2012, Guo et al. 2014, Cooper et al. 2015). High levels of Cebpa appear to cause granulopoiesis; low levels of Cebpa appear to cause monopoiesis.
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