Phosphorylation of ITAMs of Ig-alpha (Cd79a) and Ig-beta (Cd79b)

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Mus musculus

The immunoreceptor tyrosine activation motifs (ITAMs) of Cd79a and Cd79b are phosphorylated by Lyn, Fyn, and Blk kinases in response to antigen binding (Burkhardt et al. 1991, Gold et al. 1991, Yamanashi et al. 1991, Campbell and Sefton 1992, Lin and Justement 1992, Kim et al. 1993, Johnson et al. 1995, Flaswinkel and Reth 1994, Saouaf et al. 1994, Saouaf et al. 1995, Yao et al. 1995, Rolli et al. 2002). Lyn, Fyn, and Blk may phosphorylate one tyrosine within the ITAMs while the other tyrosine is phosphorylated by Syk (Yamanashi et al. 1991, Flaswinkel and Reth 1994, Rolli et al. 2002).

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