Peptide transfer from P-site tRNA to the A-site tRNA

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The A- and P-sites of the ribosome positions the aa-tRNA and peptidyl-tRNA such that a nucleophilic attack can occur between the amine group of the A-site aa-tRNA and the carbonyl group of the growing peptide chain on the P-site tRNA, resulting in the formation of a peptide bond. The carboxyl end of the peptide chain is uncoupled from the tRNA molecule in the P-site and forms a new peptide bond with the amino acid that is in the A-site.
This process is illustrated below with: a peptidyl-tRNA with a growing peptide,a deacylated tRNA with an -OH and a ribosome with A,P and E sites to accommodate these three forms of tRNA.

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peptidyltransferase activity of 80S ribosome [cytosol]

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