UniProt:O43734 CIKS

Interactor (Protein)
Homo sapiens
TRAF3IP2, Q5R3A3, Q9H5W2, Q9H6Y3, Q9NS14, Q9UG72, B2RAY9, Q7Z6Q3, E1P555, Q7Z6Q2, Q7Z6Q1, Connection to IKK and SAPK/JNK, TRAF3-interacting protein 2, Nuclear factor NF-kappa-B activator 1, C6orf4, C6orf5, C6orf6, C6orf2, Adapter protein CIKS, E3 ubiquitin-protein ligase CIKS, ENSP00000345984.6, ENSP00000376339.5, EBI-10989987
List of interactors in Reactome
Interactors (1)
Accession #Entities Reactome Entity Confidence Score Evidence (IntAct)
Q9Y4K3 1 0.666 4
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