UniProt:Q9H2K8 TAOK3

Interactor (Protein)
Homo sapiens
TAOK3, Q9NZM9, Q9UHG7, Q9HC79, Q658N1, Q8IUM4, DPK, JIK, KDS, MAP3K18, Thousand and one amino acid protein 3, Jun kinase-inhibitory kinase, JNK/SAPK-inhibitory kinase, Dendritic cell-derived protein kinase, Cutaneous T-cell lymphoma-associated antigen HD-CL-09, Kinase from chicken homolog A
List of interactors in Reactome
Interactors (2)
Accession #Entities Reactome Entity Confidence Score Evidence (IntAct)
Q12933 1 0.524 2
O75460 1 0.508 3
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