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Bruce May

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
Reviewed Reactions (24)
Date Identifier Reaction Reference
2020-01-03 R-HSA-9672770 SLC25A44 transports Leu, Ile and Val from cytosol to mitochondrial matrix BibTex
2020-01-09 R-MMU-9673827 Slc25a44 transports Leu, Ile and Val from cytosol to mitochondrial matrix BibTex
2020-01-09 R-HSA-9673054 PM20D1 hydrolyzes oleoyl-phe BibTex
2020-01-09 R-HSA-9673053 PM20D1 transforms oleoyl-phe from oleate and phe BibTex
2015-09-27 R-HSA-6800120 POU5F1 (OCT4), SOX2, NANOG bind DPPA4 gene BibTex
2015-09-27 R-HSA-452701 Expression of DPPA4 BibTex
2015-09-27 R-HSA-1655849 Expression of Acyl-CoA Desaturase (Stearoyl CoA Desaturase, SCD) BibTex
2015-09-27 R-HSA-6800052 SREBP1A,1C binds the SCD gene BibTex
2014-01-21 R-MMU-5211235 Kat2b (Pcaf) acetylates Taf1b in SL1 Complex BibTex
2010-05-14 R-MMU-426547 Activation of Gq by Muscarinic Acetylcholine Receptor M3 BibTex
2010-05-14 R-MMU-426560 Binding of Acetylcholine by Muscarinic Acetylcholine Receptor M3 BibTex
2010-03-03 R-SCE-535524 Phosphorylated Ire1 Dimer Binds ADP BibTex
2009-11-19 R-RNO-446974 cAMP Induces dissociation of active protein kinase A subunits from the PKA:Akap150:Iqgap1 complex BibTex
2009-11-19 R-RNO-446954 Activation of G(s) by the Glucagon-like peptide-1 receptor (Glp1r, rat) BibTex
2009-11-13 R-MMU-446503 Opening of Low Conductance Potassium Channels BibTex
2009-11-13 R-RNO-446487 Closing of L-type Calcium Channels (rat) BibTex
2009-11-06 R-MMU-445860 Activation of Phospholipase C beta1 by G(q)alpha:GTP BibTex
2009-10-31 R-MMU-216883 Exocytosis of Insulin BibTex
2009-10-29 R-MMU-9023194 Insulin secretory granules dock at the plasma membrane BibTex
2009-10-29 R-MMU-9023204 Insulin secretory granules translocate across the cortical actin network BibTex
2009-10-29 R-MMU-216852 Insulin secretory granule translocates to cell cortex BibTex
2009-10-29 R-NUL-445309 Signal Peptidase (Canis) hydrolyzes the signal peptide of Preprolactin BibTex
2009-10-28 R-CFA-445202 SRP binds SRP Receptor (Canis familiaris) BibTex
2009-10-28 R-NUL-445275 Translocon (canine) translocates Preprolactin (bovine) BibTex
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