Francisco Rivero Crespo

The Hull York Medical School
Authored Pathways (13/13)
Date Identifier Pathway Reference
2014-10-24 R-HSA-195258 RHO GTPase Effectors BibTex
2014-10-24 R-HSA-5666185 RHO GTPases Activate Rhotekin and Rhophilins BibTex
2014-10-24 R-HSA-5627083 RHO GTPases regulate CFTR trafficking BibTex
2014-10-24 R-HSA-5625886 Activated PKN1 stimulates transcription of AR (androgen receptor) regulated genes KLK2 and KLK3 BibTex
2014-10-24 R-HSA-5625740 RHO GTPases activate PKNs BibTex
2014-10-24 R-HSA-5668599 RHO GTPases Activate NADPH Oxidases BibTex
2014-10-24 R-HSA-5626467 RHO GTPases activate IQGAPs BibTex
2014-10-24 R-HSA-5625970 RHO GTPases activate KTN1 BibTex
2014-10-24 R-HSA-5663213 RHO GTPases Activate WASPs and WAVEs BibTex
2014-10-24 R-HSA-5625900 RHO GTPases activate CIT BibTex
2014-10-24 R-HSA-5627117 RHO GTPases Activate ROCKs BibTex
2014-10-24 R-HSA-5627123 RHO GTPases activate PAKs BibTex
2014-10-24 R-HSA-5663220 RHO GTPases Activate Formins BibTex
Authored Reactions (15/90)
Date Identifier Reaction Reference
2014-10-24 R-HSA-5666216 RHOA:GTP:RTKN binds TAX1BP3 BibTex
2014-10-24 R-NUL-5667039 RHPN2 binds RHOB:GTP BibTex
2014-10-24 R-HSA-5667037 RHPN2 binds RHOB:GTP BibTex
2014-10-24 R-MMU-5667058 Ropn1 binds RhoA:GTP:Rhpn1 BibTex
2014-10-24 R-HSA-5667052 ROPN1 binds RHOA:GTP:RHPN1 BibTex
2014-10-24 R-HSA-5667008 RHOA:GTP binds RHPN1 or RHPN2 BibTex
2014-10-24 R-MMU-5666183 Rtkn binds RhoA, RhoC or RhoB BibTex
2014-10-24 R-HSA-5666178 RTKN binds RHOA, RHOC or RHOB BibTex
2014-10-24 R-HSA-5666197 RHOA:GTP:RTKN binds LIN7B BibTex
2014-10-24 R-HSA-5627275 GOPC promotes translocation of CFTR to lysosomes BibTex
2014-10-24 R-HSA-5627071 RHOQ positively regulates trafficking of GOPC:CFTR to the plasma membrane BibTex
2014-10-24 R-HSA-5627072 RHOQ binds GOPC:CFTR BibTex
2014-10-24 R-HSA-5668714 RAC1:GTP binds NOX1 complex BibTex
2014-10-24 R-HSA-5668718 NOX1 complex:RAC1:GTP generates superoxide from oxygen BibTex
2014-10-24 R-HSA-5668731 NOX3 complex:RAC1:GTP generates superoxide from oxygen BibTex
Reviewed Reactions (15/32)
Date Identifier Reaction Reference
2014-05-12 R-HSA-5218841 NADPH oxidase 2 generates superoxide from oxygen BibTex
2014-05-12 R-HSA-5218827 NADPH oxidase 2 (NOX2) complex binds RAC1 BibTex
2012-05-15 R-HSA-2029473 Branching and elongation of mother and daughter filaments BibTex
2012-05-15 R-HSA-2197690 Detachment of WASP/WAVE BibTex
2012-05-15 R-HSA-2029466 (WASPs, WAVE):G-actin:ARP2/3 binds F-actin BibTex
2012-05-15 R-HSA-442592 WASPs or WAVEs activate the ARP2/3 complex BibTex
2012-05-15 R-NUL-442561 WASP/N-WASP activate the Arp2/3 complex BibTex
2012-05-15 R-HSA-2197698 Src phosphorylate WASP,N-WASP BibTex
2012-05-15 R-HSA-2197691 WIP binds WASP,N-WASP, activating them BibTex
2012-05-15 R-HSA-442586 Activation of WASP and N-WASP by CDC42 BibTex
2012-05-15 R-MMU-442572 Activation of WASP and N-WASP by CDC42 BibTex
2012-05-15 R-HSA-2029469 p-ERK phosphorylates WAVEs and ABI BibTex
2012-05-15 R-HSA-2130194 ABL phosphorylates WAVEs BibTex
2012-05-15 R-HSA-2029465 RAC1:GTP and PIP3 bind WAVE Regulatory Complex (WRC) BibTex
2012-05-15 R-HSA-2029460 PAK1 phosphorylates LIMK1 BibTex
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