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Karen Rothfels

Ontario Institute for Cancer Research
Authored Pathways (167)
Date Identifier Pathway Reference
2020-09-09 R-HSA-9694516 SARS-CoV-2 Infection BibTex
2020-09-09 R-HSA-9694322 Virion Assembly and Release BibTex
2020-05-27 R-HSA-9679509 Virion Assembly and Release BibTex
2020-03-13 R-HSA-9669938 Signaling by KIT in disease BibTex
2020-03-13 R-HSA-9669933 Signaling by kinase domain mutants of KIT BibTex
2020-03-13 R-HSA-9669935 Signaling by juxtamembrane domain KIT mutants BibTex
2020-03-13 R-HSA-9670439 Signaling by phosphorylated juxtamembrane, extracellular and kinase domain KIT mutants BibTex
2020-03-13 R-HSA-9669937 Drug resistance of KIT mutants BibTex
2020-03-13 R-HSA-9669917 Imatinib-resistant KIT mutants BibTex
2020-03-13 R-HSA-9669934 Sunitinib-resistant KIT mutants BibTex
2020-03-13 R-HSA-9669929 Regorafenib-resistant KIT mutants BibTex
2020-03-13 R-HSA-9669914 Dasatinib-resistant KIT mutants BibTex
2020-03-13 R-HSA-9669924 Masitinib-resistant KIT mutants BibTex
2020-03-13 R-HSA-9669926 Nilotinib-resistant KIT mutants BibTex
2020-03-13 R-HSA-9669936 Sorafenib-resistant KIT mutants BibTex
2020-03-13 R-HSA-9669921 KIT mutants bind TKIs BibTex
2020-03-13 R-HSA-9680187 Signaling by extracellular domain mutants of KIT BibTex
2020-02-06 R-HSA-9671555 Signaling by PDGFR in disease BibTex
2020-02-06 R-HSA-9674428 PDGFR mutants bind TKIs BibTex
2020-02-06 R-HSA-9674415 Drug resistance of PDGFR mutants BibTex
2020-02-06 R-HSA-9674396 Imatinib-resistant PDGFR mutants BibTex
2020-02-06 R-HSA-9674404 Sorafenib-resistant PDGFR mutants BibTex
2020-02-06 R-HSA-9674401 Sunitinib-resistant PDGFR mutants BibTex
2020-02-06 R-HSA-9674403 Regorafenib-resistant PDGFR mutants BibTex
2020-02-06 R-HSA-9673767 Signaling by PDGFRA transmembrane, juxtamembrane and kinase domain mutants BibTex
2020-02-06 R-HSA-9673766 Signaling by cytosolic PDGFRA and PDGFRB fusion proteins BibTex
2020-02-06 R-HSA-9673770 Signaling by PDGFRA extracellular domain mutants BibTex
2020-02-06 R-HSA-9673768 Signaling by membrane-tethered fusions of PDGFRA or PDGFRB BibTex
2020-01-23 R-HSA-9675108 Nervous system development BibTex
2020-05-04 R-HSA-9648002 RAS processing BibTex
2020-05-04 R-HSA-9656223 Signaling by RAF1 mutants BibTex
2020-05-04 R-HSA-9660537 Signaling by MRAS-complex mutants BibTex
2020-05-04 R-HSA-9652169 Signaling by MAP2K mutants BibTex
2020-05-04 R-HSA-9652817 Signaling by MAPK mutants BibTex
2020-01-17 R-HSA-9031628 NGF-stimulated transcription BibTex
2020-01-17 R-HSA-9619665 EGR2 and SOX10-mediated initiation of Schwann cell myelination BibTex
2019-02-20 R-HSA-9634635 Estrogen-stimulated signaling through PRKCZ BibTex
2019-02-20 R-HSA-9634638 Estrogen-dependent nuclear events downstream of ESR-membrane signaling BibTex
2018-02-23 R-HSA-8939211 ESR-mediated signaling BibTex
2018-02-23 R-HSA-9018519 Estrogen-dependent gene expression BibTex
2019-02-20 R-HSA-9009391 Extra-nuclear estrogen signaling BibTex
2017-06-22 R-HSA-9006934 Signaling by Receptor Tyrosine Kinases BibTex
2017-06-22 R-HSA-9006931 Signaling by Nuclear Receptors BibTex
2017-06-22 R-HSA-9006936 Signaling by TGFB family members BibTex
2017-06-22 R-HSA-9006927 Signaling by Non-Receptor Tyrosine Kinases BibTex
2017-06-22 R-HSA-9006925 Intracellular signaling by second messengers BibTex
2017-02-22 R-HSA-8951664 Neddylation BibTex
2016-08-03 R-HSA-8876198 RAB GEFs exchange GTP for GDP on RABs BibTex
2016-08-03 R-HSA-9007101 Rab regulation of trafficking BibTex
2016-08-04 R-HSA-8873719 RAB geranylgeranylation BibTex
2016-05-10 R-HSA-8856828 Clathrin-mediated endocytosis BibTex
2016-05-10 R-HSA-8856825 Cargo recognition for clathrin-mediated endocytosis BibTex
2016-01-25 R-HSA-8853333 Signaling by FGFR2 fusions BibTex
2016-01-25 R-HSA-8853334 Signaling by FGFR3 fusions in cancer BibTex
2016-01-25 R-HSA-8853336 Signaling by plasma membrane FGFR1 fusions BibTex
2016-01-25 R-HSA-8851708 Signaling by FGFR2 IIIa TM BibTex
2016-02-02 R-HSA-8856688 Golgi-to-ER retrograde transport BibTex
2016-02-02 R-HSA-6811442 Intra-Golgi and retrograde Golgi-to-ER traffic BibTex
2016-02-02 R-HSA-6811438 Intra-Golgi traffic BibTex
2016-02-02 R-HSA-6811434 COPI-dependent Golgi-to-ER retrograde traffic BibTex
2016-02-02 R-HSA-6811436 COPI-independent Golgi-to-ER retrograde traffic BibTex
2016-02-02 R-HSA-6811440 Retrograde transport at the Trans-Golgi-Network BibTex
2016-01-06 R-HSA-6803529 FGFR2 alternative splicing BibTex
2015-09-02 R-HSA-6807878 COPI-mediated anterograde transport BibTex
2016-08-05 R-HSA-6802952 Signaling by BRAF and RAF fusions BibTex
2016-08-05 R-HSA-6802953 RAS signaling downstream of NF1 loss-of-function variants BibTex
2016-08-05 R-HSA-6802955 Paradoxical activation of RAF signaling by kinase inactive BRAF BibTex
2016-08-05 R-HSA-6802946 Signaling by moderate kinase activity BRAF mutants BibTex
2016-08-05 R-HSA-6802948 Signaling by high-kinase activity BRAF mutants BibTex
2016-08-05 R-HSA-6802957 Oncogenic MAPK signaling BibTex
2016-08-05 R-HSA-6802949 Signaling by RAS mutants BibTex
2016-08-05 R-HSA-9649948 Signaling downstream of RAS mutants BibTex
2016-08-05 R-HSA-9649913 RAS GTPase cycle mutants BibTex
2015-08-18 R-HSA-5694530 Cargo concentration in the ER BibTex
2015-04-24 R-HSA-5687128 MAPK6/MAPK4 signaling BibTex
2015-04-29 R-HSA-5684996 MAPK1/MAPK3 signaling BibTex
2015-04-29 R-HSA-5683057 MAPK family signaling cascades BibTex
2015-04-29 R-HSA-5673001 RAF/MAP kinase cascade BibTex
2015-04-29 R-HSA-5675221 Negative regulation of MAPK pathway BibTex
2015-04-29 R-HSA-5673000 RAF activation BibTex
2015-04-29 R-HSA-5674499 Negative feedback regulation of MAPK pathway BibTex
2015-04-29 R-HSA-5674135 MAP2K and MAPK activation BibTex
2015-04-29 R-HSA-5658442 Regulation of RAS by GAPs BibTex
2016-01-06 R-HSA-5658623 FGFRL1 modulation of FGFR1 signaling BibTex
2012-05-15 R-HSA-5655291 Signaling by FGFR4 in disease BibTex
2012-05-15 R-HSA-5655302 Signaling by FGFR1 in disease BibTex
2012-05-15 R-HSA-5655332 Signaling by FGFR3 in disease BibTex
2012-05-15 R-HSA-5655253 Signaling by FGFR2 in disease BibTex
2014-11-09 R-HSA-5635851 GLI proteins bind promoters of Hh responsive genes to promote transcription BibTex
2014-11-09 R-HSA-5635838 Activation of SMO BibTex
2014-11-09 R-HSA-5632681 Ligand-receptor interactions BibTex
2014-11-10 R-HSA-5624958 ARL13B-mediated ciliary trafficking of INPP5E BibTex
2014-11-10 R-HSA-5624138 Trafficking of myristoylated proteins to the cilium BibTex
2014-11-10 R-HSA-5620912 Anchoring of the basal body to the plasma membrane BibTex
2014-11-10 R-HSA-5620920 Cargo trafficking to the periciliary membrane BibTex
2014-11-10 R-HSA-5620922 BBSome-mediated cargo-targeting to cilium BibTex
2014-11-10 R-HSA-5620916 VxPx cargo-targeting to cilium BibTex
2014-11-10 R-HSA-5620924 Intraflagellar transport BibTex
2014-11-10 R-HSA-5617833 Cilium Assembly BibTex
2014-11-09 R-HSA-5632684 Hedgehog 'on' state BibTex
2014-05-12 R-HSA-5545619 XAV939 inhibits tankyrase, stabilizing AXIN BibTex
2014-05-16 R-HSA-5658034 HHAT G278V abrogates palmitoylation of Hh-Np BibTex
2014-08-01 R-HSA-5610787 Hedgehog 'off' state BibTex
2014-08-01 R-HSA-5610785 GLI3 is processed to GLI3R by the proteasome BibTex
2014-08-01 R-HSA-5610783 Degradation of GLI2 by the proteasome BibTex
2014-08-01 R-HSA-5610780 Degradation of GLI1 by the proteasome BibTex
2014-05-16 R-HSA-5387390 Hh mutants abrogate ligand secretion BibTex
2014-05-16 R-HSA-5362768 Hh mutants that don't undergo autocatalytic processing are degraded by ERAD BibTex
2014-05-16 R-HSA-5362798 Release of Hh-Np from the secreting cell BibTex
2014-05-12 R-HSA-5358749 S37 mutants of beta-catenin aren't phosphorylated BibTex
2014-05-12 R-HSA-5339700 TCF7L2 mutants don't bind CTBP BibTex
2014-05-12 R-HSA-5358751 S45 mutants of beta-catenin aren't phosphorylated BibTex
2014-05-12 R-HSA-5358747 S33 mutants of beta-catenin aren't phosphorylated BibTex
2014-05-12 R-HSA-5358752 T41 mutants of beta-catenin aren't phosphorylated BibTex
2014-05-16 R-HSA-5358351 Signaling by Hedgehog BibTex
2014-05-16 R-HSA-5358346 Hedgehog ligand biogenesis BibTex
2014-05-12 R-HSA-5340588 RNF mutants show enhanced WNT signaling and proliferation BibTex
2014-05-12 R-HSA-5340573 WNT ligand secretion is abrogated by the PORCN inhibitor LGK974 BibTex
2014-05-12 R-HSA-5339716 Misspliced GSK3beta mutants stabilize beta-catenin BibTex
2014-05-12 R-HSA-5339717 Misspliced LRP5 mutants have enhanced beta-catenin-dependent signaling BibTex
2014-05-12 R-HSA-5467345 Deletions in the AXIN genes in hepatocellular carcinoma result in elevated WNT signaling BibTex
2014-05-12 R-HSA-5467343 Deletions in the AMER1 gene destabilize the destruction complex BibTex
2014-05-12 R-HSA-5467337 APC truncation mutants have impaired AXIN binding BibTex
2014-05-12 R-HSA-5467333 APC truncation mutants are not K63 polyubiquitinated BibTex
2014-05-12 R-HSA-4839735 AXIN mutants destabilize the destruction complex, activating WNT signaling BibTex
2014-05-12 R-HSA-4839748 AMER1 mutants destabilize the destruction complex BibTex
2014-05-12 R-HSA-4839744 truncated APC mutants destabilize the destruction complex BibTex
2014-05-12 R-HSA-5467340 AXIN missense mutants destabilize the destruction complex BibTex
2014-05-12 R-HSA-4839743 phosphorylation site mutants of CTNNB1 are not targeted to the proteasome by the destruction complex BibTex
2014-05-12 R-HSA-5467348 Truncations of AMER1 destabilize the destruction complex BibTex
2014-05-12 R-HSA-4791275 Signaling by WNT in cancer BibTex
2014-01-22 R-HSA-4641263 Regulation of FZD by ubiquitination BibTex
2014-01-22 R-HSA-4641265 Repression of WNT target genes BibTex
2013-11-13 R-HSA-4608870 Asymmetric localization of PCP proteins BibTex
2014-01-22 R-HSA-201681 TCF dependent signaling in response to WNT BibTex
2014-01-22 R-HSA-201722 Formation of the beta-catenin:TCF transactivating complex BibTex
2014-01-22 R-HSA-4411364 Binding of TCF/LEF:CTNNB1 to target gene promoters BibTex
2014-01-22 R-HSA-201688 WNT mediated activation of DVL BibTex
2013-11-13 R-HSA-4086398 Ca2+ pathway BibTex
2013-11-13 R-HSA-4086400 PCP/CE pathway BibTex
2013-11-13 R-HSA-3858494 Beta-catenin independent WNT signaling BibTex
2014-01-22 R-HSA-4641257 Degradation of AXIN BibTex
2014-01-22 R-HSA-4641262 Disassembly of the destruction complex and recruitment of AXIN to the membrane BibTex
2014-01-22 R-HSA-4641258 Degradation of DVL BibTex
2014-01-22 R-HSA-3772470 Negative regulation of TCF-dependent signaling by WNT ligand antagonists BibTex
2014-01-22 R-HSA-3769402 Deactivation of the beta-catenin transactivating complex BibTex
2013-05-24 R-HSA-3238698 WNT ligand biogenesis and trafficking BibTex
2012-05-15 R-HSA-1226099 Signaling by FGFR in disease BibTex
2012-05-15 R-HSA-1839128 FGFR4 mutant receptor activation BibTex
2012-05-15 R-HSA-1839126 FGFR2 mutant receptor activation BibTex
2012-05-15 R-HSA-2023837 Signaling by FGFR2 amplification mutants BibTex
2012-05-15 R-HSA-2033519 Activated point mutants of FGFR2 BibTex
2012-05-15 R-HSA-8853338 Signaling by FGFR3 point mutants in cancer BibTex
2012-05-15 R-HSA-2033514 FGFR3 mutant receptor activation BibTex
2012-05-15 R-HSA-1839130 Signaling by activated point mutants of FGFR3 BibTex
2012-05-15 R-HSA-1839117 Signaling by cytosolic FGFR1 fusion mutants BibTex
2012-05-15 R-HSA-1839120 Signaling by FGFR1 amplification mutants BibTex
2012-05-15 R-HSA-1839122 Signaling by activated point mutants of FGFR1 BibTex
2012-05-15 R-HSA-1839124 FGFR1 mutant receptor activation BibTex
2012-05-15 R-HSA-2033515 t(4;14) translocations of FGFR3 BibTex
2011-08-26 R-HSA-5654726 Negative regulation of FGFR1 signaling BibTex
2011-08-26 R-HSA-5654732 Negative regulation of FGFR3 signaling BibTex
2011-08-26 R-HSA-5654727 Negative regulation of FGFR2 signaling BibTex
2011-08-26 R-HSA-5654733 Negative regulation of FGFR4 signaling BibTex
2011-08-26 R-HSA-1295596 Spry regulation of FGF signaling BibTex
2011-08-26 R-HSA-1307965 betaKlotho-mediated ligand binding BibTex
2020-09-12 R-HSA-162582 Signal Transduction BibTex
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