Bijay Jassal

Authored Pathways (15/502)
Date Identifier Pathway Reference
2020-02-05 R-HSA-9658195 Leishmania infection BibTex
2020-01-09 R-HSA-9673324 WNT5:FZD7-mediated leishmania damping BibTex
2020-01-07 R-HSA-9664424 Cell recruitment (pro-inflammatory response) BibTex
2020-01-07 R-HSA-9660826 Purinergic signaling in leishmaniasis infection BibTex
2020-01-29 R-HSA-9664420 Killing mechanisms BibTex
2020-01-07 R-HSA-9664407 Parasite infection BibTex
2020-01-07 R-HSA-9664417 Leishmania phagocytosis BibTex
2020-01-07 R-HSA-9664422 FCGR3A-mediated phagocytosis BibTex
2020-01-07 R-HSA-9664433 Leishmania parasite growth and survival BibTex
2020-01-07 R-HSA-9662851 Anti-inflammatory response favouring Leishmania parasite infection BibTex
2020-01-07 R-HSA-9660821 ADORA2B mediated anti-inflammatory cytokines production BibTex
2020-01-07 R-HSA-9664323 FCGR3A-mediated IL10 synthesis BibTex
2020-01-07 R-HSA-9662834 CD163 mediating an anti-inflammatory response BibTex
2020-01-07 R-HSA-9664535 LTC4-CYSLTR mediated IL4 production BibTex
2018-02-20 R-HSA-9037628 Rhesus blood group biosynthesis BibTex
Authored Reactions (15/2,043)
Date Identifier Reaction Reference
2020-01-07 R-HSA-9665515 P2RX4,7 binds itself to form trimeric non-selective cation channels BibTex
2020-01-07 R-HSA-9660822 ATP binds P2RX4,7 BibTex
2020-01-07 R-HSA-9673789 Activated JNK phosphorylates c-JUN BibTex
2019-10-22 R-HSA-9673322 p-T,Y-MAPK8 translocates from the cytosol to the nucleoplasm BibTex
2019-10-22 R-HSA-9673284 GTP-bound RAC1 contributes to MAPK8 activation BibTex
2020-01-07 R-HSA-9673797 NOX1 complex:pp-DVL:RAC1:GTP generates superoxide from oxygen BibTex
2019-10-22 R-HSA-9673288 ppDVL binds RAC1:GTP BibTex
2020-01-07 R-HSA-9673794 ppDVL:RAC1:GTP binds NOX1 complex BibTex
2019-10-22 R-HSA-9673349 WNT5 binds FZD7 BibTex
2019-10-22 R-HSA-9673296 WNT5:FZD7 binds p-DVL BibTex
2019-10-22 R-HSA-9673346 Unknown kinase phosphorylates p-DVL BibTex
2020-01-13 R-HSA-9664271 Release of PLCG from FCGR3A BibTex
2020-01-07 R-HSA-9664268 Opsonized leishmania amastigote binds FCGR3 BibTex
2020-01-07 R-HSA-9664285 IgG binds the surface of the amastigote form of Leishmania BibTex
2020-01-07 R-HSA-9660819 ADORA2B:Ade-Rib:GsGTP dissociates BibTex
Reviewed Pathways (15/93)
Date Identifier Pathway Reference
2020-01-09 R-HSA-9673163 Oleoyl-phe metabolism BibTex
2008-11-27 R-HSA-916853 Degradation of GABA BibTex
2017-01-19 R-HSA-8955332 Carboxyterminal post-translational modifications of tubulin BibTex
2016-08-04 R-HSA-8964038 LDL clearance BibTex
2016-02-18 R-HSA-8964011 HDL clearance BibTex
2016-01-29 R-HSA-8848584 Wax and plasmalogen biosynthesis BibTex
2016-01-27 R-HSA-174824 Plasma lipoprotein assembly, remodeling, and clearance BibTex
2016-01-27 R-HSA-8964043 Plasma lipoprotein clearance BibTex
2016-01-27 R-HSA-8964026 Chylomicron clearance BibTex
2016-01-27 R-HSA-8963899 Plasma lipoprotein remodeling BibTex
2016-01-27 R-HSA-8963901 Chylomicron remodeling BibTex
2016-01-27 R-HSA-8963898 Plasma lipoprotein assembly BibTex
2016-01-27 R-HSA-8963888 Chylomicron assembly BibTex
2015-11-30 R-HSA-6814848 Glycerophospholipid catabolism BibTex
2015-11-02 R-HSA-8957322 Metabolism of steroids BibTex
Reviewed Reactions (15/387)
Date Identifier Reaction Reference
2020-01-09 R-HSA-9673053 PM20D1 transforms oleoyl-phe from oleate and phe BibTex
2020-01-09 R-HSA-9673054 PM20D1 hydrolyzes oleoyl-phe BibTex
2020-01-03 R-HSA-70870 ECHS1 hydrates methacrylyl-CoA BibTex
2020-01-03 R-HSA-9672770 SLC25A44 transports Leu, Ile and Val from cytosol to mitochondrial matrix BibTex
2019-08-15 R-HSA-443986 Receptor ACKR2 binds most inflammatory CC chemokines BibTex
2008-11-27 R-HSA-888548 ALDH5A1 dehydrogenates SUCCSA to SUCCA BibTex
2008-11-27 R-HSA-916855 PXLP-K357-ABAT dimer:2Fe-2S transforms GABA to SUCCSA BibTex
2019-07-15 R-HSA-9653180 GABA translocates from cytosol to mitochondrial matrix BibTex
2017-01-19 R-HSA-8866105 CCPs deglutamylate tubulin BibTex
2017-01-19 R-NUL-8867463 Ccps deglutamylate tubulin BibTex
2017-01-19 R-HSA-8867370 TTLL3, TTLL8, TTLL10 polyglycylate tubulin BibTex
2017-01-19 R-HSA-8865774 TTLLs polyglutamylate tubulin BibTex
2017-01-19 R-HSA-8955712 TTCP hydrolyzes the terminal L-Tyr residue from alpha-tubulin BibTex
2017-01-19 R-NUL-8955728 TTCP hydrolyzes the terminal L-Tyr residue from alpha-tubulin BibTex
2017-01-19 R-HSA-8955869 Polyglutamylase complex (TTLL1) polyglutamylates alpha subunits of tubulin BibTex
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