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Bijay Jassal

Authored Pathways (488)
Date Identifier Pathway Reference
2018-12-17 R-HSA-9037628 Rhesus blood group biosynthesis BibTex
2018-12-17 R-HSA-9037629 Lewis blood group biosynthesis BibTex
2018-12-17 R-HSA-9033807 ABO blood group biosynthesis BibTex
2018-12-17 R-HSA-9033658 Blood group systems biosynthesis BibTex
2018-02-21 R-HSA-9027604 Biosynthesis of electrophilic ?-3 PUFA oxo-derivatives BibTex
2018-02-21 R-HSA-9027307 Biosynthesis of maresin-like SPMs BibTex
2018-02-21 R-HSA-9026766 Biosynthesis of protectin and resolvin conjugates in tissue regeneration (PCTR and RCTR) BibTex
2018-02-21 R-HSA-9026762 Biosynthesis of maresin conjugates in tissue regeneration (MCTR) BibTex
2018-02-21 R-HSA-9026395 Biosynthesis of DHA-derived sulfido conjugates BibTex
2018-02-21 R-HSA-9026403 Biosynthesis of DPAn-3-derived 13-series resolvins BibTex
2018-02-21 R-HSA-9026290 Biosynthesis of DPAn-3-derived maresins BibTex
2018-02-21 R-HSA-9026286 Biosynthesis of DPAn-3-derived protectins and resolvins BibTex
2018-02-21 R-HSA-9025094 Biosynthesis of DPAn-3 SPMs BibTex
2018-02-21 R-HSA-9025106 Biosynthesis of DPAn-6 SPMs BibTex
2018-02-21 R-HSA-9023661 Biosynthesis of E-series 18(R)-resolvins BibTex
2018-02-21 R-HSA-9020265 Biosynthesis of aspirin-triggered D-series resolvins BibTex
2018-02-21 R-HSA-9018896 Biosynthesis of E-series 18(S)-resolvins BibTex
2018-02-21 R-HSA-9018678 Biosynthesis of specialized proresolving mediators (SPMs) BibTex
2018-02-21 R-HSA-9018679 Biosynthesis of EPA-derived SPMs BibTex
2018-02-21 R-HSA-9018677 Biosynthesis of DHA-derived SPMs BibTex
2018-02-21 R-HSA-9018676 Biosynthesis of D-series resolvins BibTex
2018-02-21 R-HSA-9018682 Biosynthesis of maresins BibTex
2018-02-21 R-HSA-9018681 Biosynthesis of protectins BibTex
2018-02-21 R-HSA-9018683 Biosynthesis of DPA-derived SPMs BibTex
R-HSA-8964539 Glutamate and glutamine metabolism BibTex
R-HSA-8963691 Phenylalanine and tyrosine metabolism BibTex
R-HSA-8963684 Tyrosine catabolism BibTex
R-HSA-8964540 Alanine metabolism BibTex
R-HSA-8963693 Aspartate and asparagine metabolism BibTex
2016-10-11 R-HSA-8942233 Intestinal infectious diseases BibTex
2016-10-11 R-HSA-8937144 Aryl hydrocarbon receptor signalling BibTex
2017-02-10 R-HSA-8963743 Digestion and absorption BibTex
2016-08-12 R-HSA-8935690 Digestion BibTex
2016-07-15 R-HSA-8877627 Vitamin E BibTex
2016-04-05 R-HSA-8866427 VLDLR internalisation and degradation BibTex
2016-04-05 R-HSA-8866423 VLDL assembly BibTex
2016-04-05 R-HSA-8866376 Reelin signalling pathway BibTex
2016-04-05 R-HSA-8964572 Lipid particle organization BibTex
2016-08-04 R-HSA-8964038 LDL clearance BibTex
2016-04-20 R-HSA-8963889 Assembly of active LPL and LIPC lipase complexes BibTex
2016-04-05 R-HSA-8964046 VLDL clearance BibTex
2016-01-27 R-HSA-8964043 Plasma lipoprotein clearance BibTex
2016-01-26 R-HSA-8853383 Lysosomal oligosaccharide catabolism BibTex
2016-01-11 R-HSA-8852405 Signaling by MST1 BibTex
2016-01-11 R-HSA-8849175 Threonine catabolism BibTex
2015-10-01 R-HSA-6799198 Complex I biogenesis BibTex
2016-01-11 R-HSA-6798163 Choline catabolism BibTex
2015-09-14 R-HSA-6787639 GDP-fucose biosynthesis BibTex
2015-06-26 R-HSA-6783984 Glycine degradation BibTex
2015-09-15 R-HSA-5690338 Defective ABCC6 causes pseudoxanthoma elasticum (PXE) BibTex
2015-08-17 R-HSA-5688890 Defective CSF2RA causes pulmonary surfactant metabolism dysfunction 4 (SMDP4) BibTex
2015-08-17 R-HSA-5688849 Defective CSF2RB causes pulmonary surfactant metabolism dysfunction 5 (SMDP5) BibTex
2015-08-17 R-HSA-5688399 Defective ABCA3 causes pulmonary surfactant metabolism dysfunction 3 (SMDP3) BibTex
2015-08-17 R-HSA-5688354 Defective pro-SFTPC causes pulmonary surfactant metabolism dysfunction 2 (SMDP2) and respiratory distress syndrome (RDS) BibTex
2015-08-17 R-HSA-5688031 Defective pro-SFTPB causes pulmonary surfactant metabolism dysfunction 1 (SMDP1) and respiratory distress syndrome (RDS) BibTex
2015-08-17 R-HSA-5687868 Defective SFTPA2 causes idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) BibTex
2015-08-17 R-HSA-5687613 Diseases associated with surfactant metabolism BibTex
2015-08-17 R-HSA-5687583 Defective SLC34A2 causes pulmonary alveolar microlithiasis (PALM) BibTex
2015-09-15 R-HSA-5684045 Defective ABCD1 causes adrenoleukodystrophy (ALD) BibTex
2015-08-17 R-HSA-5683826 Surfactant metabolism BibTex
2015-09-15 R-HSA-5683678 Defective ABCA3 causes pulmonary surfactant metabolism dysfunction type 3 (SMDP3) BibTex
2015-04-28 R-HSA-5683371 Defective ABCB6 causes isolated colobomatous microphthalmia 7 (MCOPCB7) BibTex
2015-09-15 R-HSA-5683329 Defective ABCD4 causes methylmalonic aciduria and homocystinuria, cblj type (MAHCJ) BibTex
2015-09-15 R-HSA-5683177 Defective ABCC8 can cause hypoglycemias and hyperglycemias BibTex
2015-09-15 R-HSA-5682294 Defective ABCA12 causes autosomal recessive congenital ichthyosis type 4B BibTex
2015-09-15 R-HSA-5682113 Defective ABCA1 causes Tangier disease BibTex
2015-09-15 R-HSA-5679096 Defective ABCG5 causes sitosterolemia BibTex
2015-09-15 R-HSA-5679090 Defective ABCG8 causes gallbladder disease 4 and sitosterolemia BibTex
2015-09-15 R-HSA-5679001 Defective ABCC2 causes Dubin-Johnson syndrome BibTex
2015-04-28 R-HSA-5678895 Defective CFTR causes cystic fibrosis BibTex
2015-04-28 R-HSA-5678771 Defective ABCB4 causes progressive familial intrahepatic cholestasis 3, intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy 3 and gallbladder disease 1 BibTex
2015-04-28 R-HSA-5678520 Defective ABCB11 causes progressive familial intrahepatic cholestasis 2 and benign recurrent intrahepatic cholestasis 2 BibTex
2015-04-28 R-HSA-5678420 Defective ABCC9 causes dilated cardiomyopathy 10, familial atrial fibrillation 12 and hypertrichotic osteochondrodysplasia BibTex
2015-05-12 R-HSA-5669034 TNFs bind their physiological receptors BibTex
2014-10-31 R-HSA-5633231 Defective ALG14 causes congenital myasthenic syndrome (ALG14-CMS) BibTex
2015-04-28 R-HSA-5619115 Disorders of transmembrane transporters BibTex
2015-08-04 R-HSA-5619102 SLC transporter disorders BibTex
2015-08-04 R-HSA-5619114 Defective SLC5A7 causes distal hereditary motor neuronopathy 7A (HMN7A) BibTex
2015-08-04 R-HSA-5619113 Defective SLC3A1 causes cystinuria (CSNU) BibTex
2015-08-04 R-HSA-5656364 Defective SLC5A1 causes congenital glucose/galactose malabsorption (GGM) BibTex
2015-08-04 R-HSA-5663020 Defective SLC35A1 causes congenital disorder of glycosylation 2F (CDG2F) BibTex
2015-08-04 R-HSA-5619107 Defective TPR may confer susceptibility towards thyroid papillary carcinoma (TPC) BibTex
2015-08-04 R-HSA-5619104 Defective SLC12A1 causes Bartter syndrome 1 (BS1) BibTex
2015-08-04 R-HSA-5619110 Defective SLCO1B1 causes hyperbilirubinemia, Rotor type (HBLRR) BibTex
2015-08-04 R-HSA-5619111 Defective SLC20A2 causes idiopathic basal ganglia calcification 1 (IBGC1) BibTex
2015-08-04 R-HSA-5619108 Defective SLC27A4 causes ichthyosis prematurity syndrome (IPS) BibTex
2015-08-04 R-HSA-5619109 Defective SLC6A2 causes orthostatic intolerance (OI) BibTex
2015-08-04 R-HSA-5660862 Defective SLC7A7 causes lysinuric protein intolerance (LPI) BibTex
2015-08-04 R-HSA-5660724 Defective SLC6A3 causes Parkinsonism-dystonia infantile (PKDYS) BibTex
2015-08-04 R-HSA-5619083 Defective SLC35A3 causes arthrogryposis, mental retardation, and seizures (AMRS) BibTex
2015-08-04 R-HSA-5619081 Defective SLC6A3 causes Parkinsonism-dystonia infantile (PKDYS) BibTex
2015-08-04 R-HSA-5619087 Defective SLC12A3 causes Gitelman syndrome (GS) BibTex
2015-08-04 R-HSA-5660686 Variant SLC6A20 contributes towards hyperglycinuria (HG) and iminoglycinuria (IG) BibTex
2015-08-04 R-HSA-5619085 Defective SLC26A3 causes congenital secretory chloride diarrhea 1 (DIAR1) BibTex
2015-08-04 R-HSA-5619072 Defective SLC35A2 causes congenital disorder of glycosylation 2M (CDG2M) BibTex
2015-08-04 R-HSA-5619073 Defective GCK causes maturity-onset diabetes of the young 2 (MODY2) BibTex
2015-08-04 R-HSA-5619078 Defective SLC35C1 causes congenital disorder of glycosylation 2C (CDG2C) BibTex
2015-08-04 R-HSA-5619079 Defective SLC6A18 may confer susceptibility to iminoglycinuria and/or hyperglycinuria BibTex
2015-08-04 R-HSA-5619076 Defective SLC17A8 causes autosomal dominant deafness 25 (DFNA25) BibTex
2015-08-04 R-HSA-5619077 Defective SLC24A1 causes congenital stationary night blindness 1D (CSNB1D) BibTex
2015-08-04 R-HSA-5619098 Defective SLC2A2 causes Fanconi-Bickel syndrome (FBS) BibTex
2015-08-04 R-HSA-5619099 Defective AVP does not bind AVPR1A,B and causes neurohypophyseal diabetes insipidus (NDI) BibTex
2015-08-04 R-HSA-5619096 Defective SLC5A5 causes thyroid dyshormonogenesis 1 (TDH1) BibTex
2015-08-04 R-HSA-5619097 Defective SLC34A3 causes Hereditary hypophosphatemic rickets with hypercalciuria (HHRH) BibTex
2015-08-04 R-HSA-5619101 Variant SLC6A20 contributes towards hyperglycinuria (HG) and iminoglycinuria (IG) BibTex
2015-08-04 R-HSA-5619088 Defective SLC39A4 causes acrodermatitis enteropathica, zinc-deficiency type (AEZ) BibTex
2015-08-04 R-HSA-5619089 Defective SLC6A5 causes hyperekplexia 3 (HKPX3) BibTex
2015-08-04 R-HSA-5619094 Variant SLC6A14 may confer susceptibility towards obesity BibTex
2015-08-04 R-HSA-5619095 Defective SLCO2A1 causes primary, autosomal recessive hypertrophic osteoarthropathy 2 (PHOAR2) BibTex
2015-08-04 R-HSA-5619092 Defective SLC9A6 causes X-linked, syndromic mental retardation,, Christianson type (MRXSCH) BibTex
2015-08-04 R-HSA-5619050 Defective SLC4A1 causes hereditary spherocytosis type 4 (HSP4), distal renal tubular acidosis (dRTA) and dRTA with hemolytic anemia (dRTA-HA) BibTex
2015-08-04 R-HSA-5619048 Defective SLC11A2 causes hypochromic microcytic anemia, with iron overload 1 (AHMIO1) BibTex
2015-08-04 R-HSA-5619049 Defective SLC40A1 causes hemochromatosis 4 (HFE4) (macrophages) BibTex
2015-08-04 R-HSA-5619054 Defective SLC4A4 causes renal tubular acidosis, proximal, with ocular abnormalities and mental retardation (pRTA-OA) BibTex
2015-08-04 R-HSA-5619055 Defective SLC24A4 causes hypomineralized amelogenesis imperfecta (AI) BibTex
2015-08-04 R-HSA-5619052 Defective SLC9A9 causes autism 16 (AUTS16) BibTex
2015-08-04 R-HSA-5619053 Defective SLC22A5 causes systemic primary carnitine deficiency (CDSP) BibTex
2015-08-04 R-HSA-5619042 Defective RHAG causes regulator type Rh-null hemolytic anemia (RHN) BibTex
2015-08-04 R-HSA-5658208 Defective SLC5A2 causes renal glucosuria (GLYS1) BibTex
2015-08-04 R-HSA-5619043 Defective SLC2A1 causes GLUT1 deficiency syndrome 1 (GLUT1DS1) BibTex
2015-08-04 R-HSA-5619040 Defective SLC34A1 causes hypophosphatemic nephrolithiasis/osteoporosis 1 (NPHLOP1) BibTex
2015-08-04 R-HSA-9036092 Defective AVP does not bind AVPR2 and causes neurohypophyseal diabetes insipidus (NDI) BibTex
2015-08-04 R-HSA-5619041 Defective SLC36A2 causes iminoglycinuria (IG) and hyperglycinuria (HG) BibTex
2015-08-04 R-HSA-5619046 Defective SLC26A4 causes Pendred syndrome (PDS) BibTex
2015-08-04 R-HSA-5619047 Defective SLC2A9 causes hypouricemia renal 2 (RHUC2) BibTex
2015-08-04 R-HSA-5619044 Defective SLC6A19 causes Hartnup disorder (HND) BibTex
2015-08-04 R-HSA-5658471 Defective SLC5A7 causes distal hereditary motor neuronopathy 7A (HMN7A) BibTex
2015-08-04 R-HSA-5619045 Defective SLC34A2 causes pulmonary alveolar microlithiasis (PALM) BibTex
2015-08-04 R-HSA-5619066 Defective SLC22A18 causes lung cancer (LNCR) and embryonal rhabdomyosarcoma 1 (RMSE1) BibTex
2015-08-04 R-HSA-5619067 Defective SLC1A1 is implicated in schizophrenia 18 (SCZD18) and dicarboxylic aminoaciduria (DCBXA) BibTex
2015-04-28 R-HSA-5619084 ABC transporter disorders BibTex
2015-08-04 R-HSA-5659735 Defective SLC6A19 causes Hartnup disorder (HND) BibTex
2015-08-04 R-HSA-5660883 Defective SLC7A9 causes cystinuria (CSNU) BibTex
2015-08-04 R-HSA-5659729 Defective SLC6A18 may confer susceptibility to iminoglycinuria and/or hyperglycinuria BibTex
2015-08-04 R-HSA-5619037 Defective SLC35A1 causes congenital disorder of glycosylation 2F (CDG2F) BibTex
2015-08-04 R-HSA-5619036 Defective SLC24A5 causes oculocutaneous albinism 6 (OCA6) BibTex
2015-08-04 R-HSA-5619039 Defective SLC12A6 causes agenesis of the corpus callosum, with peripheral neuropathy (ACCPN) BibTex
2015-08-04 R-HSA-5619035 Defective SLC17A5 causes Salla disease (SD) and ISSD BibTex
2015-08-04 R-HSA-5619061 Defective SLC33A1 causes spastic paraplegia 42 (SPG42) BibTex
2015-08-04 R-HSA-5619060 Defective CP causes aceruloplasminemia (ACERULOP) BibTex
2015-08-04 R-HSA-5655799 Defective SLC40A1 causes hemochromatosis 4 (HFE4) (duodenum) BibTex
2015-08-04 R-HSA-5619063 Defective SLC29A3 causes histiocytosis-lymphadenopathy plus syndrome (HLAS) BibTex
2015-08-04 R-HSA-5619062 Defective SLC1A3 causes episodic ataxia 6 (EA6) BibTex
2015-08-04 R-HSA-5619056 Defective HK1 causes hexokinase deficiency (HK deficiency) BibTex
2015-08-04 R-HSA-5619058 Defective SLCO1B3 causes hyperbilirubinemia, Rotor type (HBLRR) BibTex
2015-08-04 R-HSA-5619068 Defective SLC2A10 causes arterial tortuosity syndrome (ATS) BibTex
2015-08-04 R-HSA-5619071 Defective SLC22A12 causes renal hypouricemia 1 (RHUC1) BibTex
2015-08-04 R-HSA-5619070 Defective SLC16A1 causes symptomatic deficiency in lactate transport (SDLT) BibTex
2015-02-25 R-HSA-5609975 Diseases associated with glycosylation precursor biosynthesis BibTex
2015-02-25 R-HSA-5609978 Defective GALT can cause Galactosemia BibTex
2015-02-25 R-HSA-5609976 Defective GALK1 can cause Galactosemia II (GALCT2) BibTex
2015-02-25 R-HSA-5609977 Defective GALE can cause Epimerase-deficiency galactosemia (EDG) BibTex
2015-04-30 R-HSA-5609974 Defective PGM1 causes PGM1-CDG (CDG1t) BibTex
2014-11-03 R-HSA-5579029 Metabolic disorders of biological oxidation enzymes BibTex
2014-11-03 R-HSA-5579002 Defective UGT1A1 causes hyperbilirubinemia BibTex
2014-11-03 R-HSA-5579000 Defective CYP1B1 causes Glaucoma BibTex
2014-11-03 R-HSA-5579006 Defective GSS causes Glutathione synthetase deficiency (GSS deficiency) BibTex
2014-11-03 R-HSA-5579007 Defective ACY1 causes encephalopathy BibTex
2014-11-03 R-HSA-5579004 Defective CYP26C1 causes Focal facial dermal dysplasia 4 (FFDD4) BibTex
2014-11-03 R-HSA-5579005 Defective CYP4F22 causes Ichthyosis, congenital, autosomal recessive 5 (ARCI5) BibTex
2014-11-03 R-HSA-5578995 Defective TPMT causes Thiopurine S-methyltransferase deficiency (TPMT deficiency) BibTex
2014-11-03 R-HSA-5578998 Defective OPLAH causes 5-oxoprolinase deficiency (OPLAHD) BibTex
2014-11-03 R-HSA-5578999 Defective GCLC causes Hemolytic anemia due to gamma-glutamylcysteine synthetase deficiency (HAGGSD) BibTex
2014-11-03 R-HSA-5578996 Defective CYP27A1 causes Cerebrotendinous xanthomatosis (CTX) BibTex
2014-11-03 R-HSA-5578997 Defective AHCY causes Hypermethioninemia with S-adenosylhomocysteine hydrolase deficiency (HMAHCHD) BibTex
2014-11-03 R-HSA-5579019 Defective FMO3 causes Trimethylaminuria (TMAU) BibTex
2014-11-03 R-HSA-5579016 Defective UGT1A4 causes hyperbilirubinemia BibTex
2014-11-03 R-HSA-5579017 Defective CYP11B1 causes Adrenal hyperplasia 4 (AH4) BibTex
2014-11-03 R-HSA-5579022 Defective GGT1 causes Glutathionuria (GLUTH) BibTex
2014-11-03 R-HSA-5579020 Defective SLC35D1 causes Schneckenbecken dysplasia (SCHBCKD) BibTex
2014-11-03 R-HSA-5579021 Defective CYP21A2 causes Adrenal hyperplasia 3 (AH3) BibTex
2014-11-03 R-HSA-5579028 Defective CYP17A1 causes Adrenal hyperplasia 5 (AH5) BibTex
2014-11-03 R-HSA-5579031 Defective ACTH causes Obesity and Pro-opiomelanocortinin deficiency (POMCD) BibTex
2014-11-03 R-HSA-5579030 Defective CYP19A1 causes Aromatase excess syndrome (AEXS) BibTex
2014-11-03 R-HSA-5579024 Defective MAT1A causes Methionine adenosyltransferase deficiency (MATD) BibTex
2014-11-03 R-HSA-5579027 Defective CYP2R1 causes Rickets vitamin D-dependent 1B (VDDR1B) BibTex
2014-11-03 R-HSA-5579026 Defective CYP11A1 causes Adrenal insufficiency, congenital, with 46,XY sex reversal (AICSR) BibTex
2014-11-03 R-HSA-9035968 Defective GGT1 causes Glutathionuria (GLUTH) BibTex
2014-11-03 R-HSA-5579032 Defective TBXAS1 causes Ghosal hematodiaphyseal dysplasia (GHDD) BibTex
2014-11-03 R-HSA-5579013 Defective CYP7B1 causes Spastic paraplegia 5A, autosomal recessive (SPG5A) and Congenital bile acid synthesis defect 3 (CBAS3) BibTex
2014-11-03 R-HSA-5579012 Defective MAOA causes Brunner syndrome (BRUNS) BibTex
2014-11-03 R-HSA-5579015 Defective CYP26B1 causes Radiohumeral fusions with other skeletal and craniofacial anomalies (RHFCA) BibTex
2014-11-03 R-HSA-5579014 Defective CYP27B1 causes Rickets vitamin D-dependent 1A (VDDR1A) BibTex
2014-11-03 R-HSA-5579009 Defective CYP11B2 causes Corticosterone methyloxidase 1 deficiency (CMO-1 deficiency) BibTex
2014-11-03 R-HSA-5579011 Defective CYP2U1 causes Spastic paraplegia 56, autosomal recessive (SPG56) BibTex
2014-11-03 R-HSA-5579010 Defective CYP24A1 causes Hypercalcemia, infantile (HCAI) BibTex
2015-11-09 R-HSA-5578768 Physiological factors BibTex
2015-11-09 R-HSA-5578775 Ion homeostasis BibTex
2015-11-09 R-HSA-5576891 Cardiac conduction BibTex
2015-11-09 R-HSA-5576892 Phase 0 - rapid depolarisation BibTex
2015-11-09 R-HSA-5576894 Phase 1 - inactivation of fast Na+ channels BibTex
2015-11-09 R-HSA-5576893 Phase 2 - plateau phase BibTex
2015-11-09 R-HSA-5576890 Phase 3 - rapid repolarisation BibTex
2015-11-09 R-HSA-5576886 Phase 4 - resting membrane potential BibTex
2014-05-22 R-HSA-5423646 Aflatoxin activation and detoxification BibTex
2014-07-28 R-HSA-5362517 Signaling by Retinoic Acid BibTex
2014-07-28 R-HSA-5365859 RA biosynthesis pathway BibTex
2015-02-11 R-HSA-5223345 Miscellaneous transport and binding events BibTex
2014-02-07 R-HSA-5173105 O-linked glycosylation BibTex
2014-02-07 R-HSA-5173214 O-glycosylation of TSR domain-containing proteins BibTex
2015-12-18 R-HSA-5083635 Defective B3GALTL causes Peters-plus syndrome (PpS) BibTex
2015-12-18 R-HSA-5083632 Defective C1GALT1C1 causes Tn polyagglutination syndrome (TNPS) BibTex
2015-12-18 R-HSA-5083633 Defective POMT1 causes MDDGA1, MDDGB1 and MDDGC1 BibTex
2015-12-18 R-HSA-5083636 Defective GALNT12 causes colorectal cancer 1 (CRCS1) BibTex
2015-12-18 R-HSA-5083627 Defective LARGE causes MDDGA6 and MDDGB6 BibTex
2015-12-18 R-HSA-5083625 Defective GALNT3 causes familial hyperphosphatemic tumoral calcinosis (HFTC) BibTex
2015-12-18 R-HSA-5083630 Defective LFNG causes SCDO3 BibTex
2015-12-18 R-HSA-5083628 Defective POMGNT1 causes MDDGA3, MDDGB3 and MDDGC3 BibTex
2015-12-18 R-HSA-5083629 Defective POMT2 causes MDDGA2, MDDGB2 and MDDGC2 BibTex
2014-10-31 R-HSA-4793952 Defective MGAT2 causes MGAT2-CDG (CDG-2a) BibTex
2015-04-30 R-HSA-4755583 Defective DOLK causes DOLK-CDG (CDG-1m) BibTex
2015-04-30 R-HSA-4755579 Defective SRD5A3 causes SRD5A3-CDG (CDG-1q) and KHRZ BibTex
2015-04-30 R-HSA-4755609 Defective DHDDS causes retinitis pigmentosa 59 BibTex
2014-10-31 R-HSA-4724325 Defective ALG8 causes ALG8-CDG (CDG-1h) BibTex
2014-10-31 R-HSA-4724289 Defective ALG6 causes ALG6-CDG (CDG-1c) BibTex
2014-10-31 R-HSA-4720475 Defective ALG3 causes ALG3-CDG (CDG-1d) BibTex
2014-10-31 R-HSA-4720489 Defective ALG12 causes ALG12-CDG (CDG-1g) BibTex
2014-10-31 R-HSA-4720454 Defective ALG9 causes ALG9-CDG (CDG-1l) BibTex
2015-04-30 R-HSA-4719377 Defective DPM2 causes DPM2-CDG (CDG-1u) BibTex
2015-04-30 R-HSA-4719360 Defective DPM3 causes DPM3-CDG (CDG-1o) BibTex
2015-04-30 R-HSA-4717374 Defective DPM1 causes DPM1-CDG (CDG-1e) BibTex
2014-10-31 R-HSA-4687000 Defective MPDU1 causes MPDU1-CDG (CDG-1f) BibTex
2014-10-31 R-HSA-4570571 Defective RFT1 causes RFT1-CDG (CDG-1n) BibTex
2014-10-31 R-HSA-4551295 Defective ALG11 causes ALG11-CDG (CDG-1p) BibTex
2014-10-31 R-HSA-4549356 Defective DPAGT1 causes DPAGT1-CDG (CDG-1j) and CMSTA2 BibTex
2014-10-31 R-HSA-4549380 Defective ALG1 causes ALG1-CDG (CDG-1k) BibTex
2014-10-31 R-HSA-4549349 Defective ALG2 causes ALG2-CDG (CDG-1i) BibTex
2014-07-09 R-HSA-4420332 Defective B3GALT6 causes EDSP2 and SEMDJL1 BibTex
2015-04-30 R-HSA-4341670 Defective NEU1 causes sialidosis BibTex
2015-04-30 R-HSA-4085011 Defective GNE causes sialuria, Nonaka myopathy and inclusion body myopathy 2 BibTex
2015-04-30 R-HSA-4085023 Defective GFPT1 causes CMSTA1 BibTex
2014-01-08 R-HSA-4085001 Sialic acid metabolism BibTex
2014-10-31 R-HSA-4793950 Defective MAN1B1 causes MRT15 BibTex
2014-10-31 R-HSA-4793954 Defective MOGS causes MOGS-CDG (CDG-2b) BibTex
2014-10-31 R-HSA-4793953 Defective B4GALT1 causes B4GALT1-CDG (CDG-2d) BibTex
2015-04-30 R-HSA-4043911 Defective PMM2 causes PMM2-CDG (CDG-1a) BibTex
2015-04-30 R-HSA-4043916 Defective MPI causes MPI-CDG (CDG-1b) BibTex
2015-12-18 R-HSA-3906995 Diseases associated with O-glycosylation of proteins BibTex
2014-07-09 R-HSA-3781865 Diseases of glycosylation BibTex
2014-10-31 R-HSA-3781860 Diseases associated with N-glycosylation of proteins BibTex
2014-07-09 R-HSA-3656234 Defective HEXA causes GM2G1 BibTex
2014-07-09 R-HSA-3656237 Defective EXT2 causes exostoses 2 BibTex
2014-07-09 R-HSA-3656225 Defective CHST6 causes MCDC1 BibTex
2014-07-09 R-HSA-3656248 Defective HEXB causes GM2G2 BibTex
2014-07-09 R-HSA-3656253 Defective EXT1 causes exostoses 1, TRPS2 and CHDS BibTex
2014-07-09 R-HSA-3656243 Defective ST3GAL3 causes MCT12 and EIEE15 BibTex
2014-07-09 R-HSA-3656244 Defective B4GALT1 causes B4GALT1-CDG (CDG-2d) BibTex
2014-07-09 R-HSA-3560782 Diseases associated with glycosaminoglycan metabolism BibTex
2014-07-09 R-HSA-3595177 Defective CHSY1 causes TPBS BibTex
2014-07-09 R-HSA-3560783 Defective B4GALT7 causes EDS, progeroid type BibTex
2014-07-09 R-HSA-3560801 Defective B3GAT3 causes JDSSDHD BibTex
2014-07-09 R-HSA-3595172 Defective CHST3 causes SEDCJD BibTex
2014-07-09 R-HSA-3595174 Defective CHST14 causes EDS, musculocontractural type BibTex
2015-08-04 R-HSA-3560792 Defective SLC26A2 causes chondrodysplasias BibTex
2014-07-09 R-HSA-3560796 Defective PAPSS2 causes SEMD-PA BibTex
2013-08-14 R-HSA-3359469 Defective MTR causes methylmalonic aciduria and homocystinuria type cblG BibTex
2013-08-14 R-HSA-3359471 Defective MMAB causes methylmalonic aciduria type cblB BibTex
2013-08-14 R-HSA-3359467 Defective MTRR causes methylmalonic aciduria and homocystinuria type cblE BibTex
2013-08-14 R-HSA-3359462 Defective AMN causes hereditary megaloblastic anemia 1 BibTex
2013-08-14 R-HSA-3359463 Defective CUBN causes hereditary megaloblastic anemia 1 BibTex
2013-08-14 R-HSA-3359457 Defective GIF causes intrinsic factor deficiency BibTex
2013-08-14 R-HSA-3359458 Defective LMBRD1 causes methylmalonic aciduria and homocystinuria type cblF BibTex
2013-08-14 R-HSA-3359485 Defective CD320 causes methylmalonic aciduria BibTex
2013-08-14 R-HSA-3359454 Defective TCN2 causes hereditary megaloblastic anemia BibTex
2013-08-14 R-HSA-3359478 Defective MUT causes methylmalonic aciduria mut type BibTex
2013-08-14 R-HSA-3359473 Defective MMADHC causes methylmalonic aciduria and homocystinuria type cblD BibTex
2013-08-14 R-HSA-3359474 Defective MMACHC causes methylmalonic aciduria and homocystinuria type cblC BibTex
2013-08-14 R-HSA-3359475 Defective MMAA causes methylmalonic aciduria type cblA BibTex
2013-08-15 R-HSA-3371598 Defective BTD causes biotidinase deficiency BibTex
2013-08-15 R-HSA-3371599 Defective HLCS causes multiple carboxylase deficiency BibTex
2013-08-15 R-HSA-3323169 Defects in biotin (Btn) metabolism BibTex
2013-08-14 R-HSA-3296482 Defects in vitamin and cofactor metabolism BibTex
2013-08-14 R-HSA-3296469 Defects in cobalamin (B12) metabolism BibTex
2013-07-16 R-HSA-3295583 TRP channels BibTex
2013-01-28 R-HSA-2672351 Stimuli-sensing channels BibTex
2013-04-11 R-HSA-2514859 Inactivation, recovery and regulation of the phototransduction cascade BibTex
2013-04-11 R-HSA-2514856 The phototransduction cascade BibTex
2013-04-11 R-HSA-2485179 Activation of the phototransduction cascade BibTex
2013-01-31 R-HSA-2474795 Diseases associated with visual transduction BibTex
2013-01-31 R-HSA-2466712 Biosynthesis of A2E, implicated in retinal degradation BibTex
2013-01-31 R-HSA-2453864 Retinoid cycle disease events BibTex
2013-01-31 R-HSA-6809583 Retinoid metabolism disease events BibTex
2013-01-31 R-HSA-2453902 The canonical retinoid cycle in rods (twilight vision) BibTex
2012-08-27 R-HSA-2206281 Mucopolysaccharidoses BibTex
2012-08-27 R-HSA-2206302 MPS I - Hurler syndrome BibTex
2012-08-27 R-HSA-2206305 MPS IIID - Sanfilippo syndrome D BibTex
2012-08-27 R-HSA-2206307 MPS IIIA - Sanfilippo syndrome A BibTex
2012-08-27 R-HSA-2206291 MPS IIIC - Sanfilippo syndrome C BibTex
2012-08-27 R-HSA-2206290 MPS IV - Morquio syndrome A BibTex
2012-08-27 R-HSA-2206308 MPS IV - Morquio syndrome B BibTex
2012-08-27 R-HSA-2206292 MPS VII - Sly syndrome BibTex
2012-08-27 R-HSA-2206296 MPS II - Hunter syndrome BibTex
2012-08-27 R-HSA-2206280 MPS IX - Natowicz syndrome BibTex
2012-08-27 R-HSA-2206282 MPS IIIB - Sanfilippo syndrome B BibTex
2012-08-27 R-HSA-2206285 MPS VI - Maroteaux-Lamy syndrome BibTex
R-HSA-2187338 Visual phototransduction BibTex
2013-01-31 R-HSA-2187335 The retinoid cycle in cones (daylight vision) BibTex
2012-04-23 R-HSA-881907 Gastrin-CREB signalling pathway via PKC and MAPK BibTex
2012-04-23 R-HSA-2179392 EGFR Transactivation by Gastrin BibTex
2012-03-28 R-HSA-2160916 Hyaluronan uptake and degradation BibTex
2012-03-28 R-HSA-2142845 Hyaluronan metabolism BibTex
2012-03-28 R-HSA-2142850 Hyaluronan biosynthesis and export BibTex
2012-03-28 R-HSA-2024101 CS/DS degradation BibTex
2012-03-28 R-HSA-2024096 HS-GAG degradation BibTex
2012-03-28 R-HSA-2022923 Dermatan sulfate biosynthesis BibTex
2012-03-28 R-HSA-2022870 Chondroitin sulfate biosynthesis BibTex
2012-03-28 R-HSA-2022854 Keratan sulfate biosynthesis BibTex
2012-03-28 R-HSA-2022857 Keratan sulfate degradation BibTex
2012-03-28 R-HSA-2022928 HS-GAG biosynthesis BibTex
2012-03-28 R-HSA-1971475 A tetrasaccharide linker sequence is required for GAG synthesis BibTex
2012-03-28 R-HSA-1793185 Chondroitin sulfate/dermatan sulfate metabolism BibTex
2012-05-14 R-HSA-1663150 The activation of arylsulfatases BibTex
2011-10-31 R-HSA-1660662 Glycosphingolipid metabolism BibTex
2012-03-28 R-HSA-1638091 Heparan sulfate/heparin (HS-GAG) metabolism BibTex
2012-03-28 R-HSA-1630316 Glycosaminoglycan metabolism BibTex
2012-03-28 R-HSA-1638074 Keratan sulfate/keratin metabolism BibTex
2011-08-23 R-HSA-1474151 Tetrahydrobiopterin (BH4) synthesis, recycling, salvage and regulation BibTex
2011-08-23 R-HSA-1369007 Mitochondrial ABC transporters BibTex
2011-08-23 R-HSA-1369062 ABC transporters in lipid homeostasis BibTex
2010-11-15 R-HSA-983712 Ion channel transport BibTex
2011-11-04 R-HSA-977068 Termination of O-glycan biosynthesis BibTex
2010-11-09 R-HSA-975634 Retinoid metabolism and transport BibTex
2010-11-15 R-HSA-936837 Ion transport by P-type ATPases BibTex
2011-11-04 R-HSA-913709 O-linked glycosylation of mucins BibTex
2010-07-07 R-HSA-879518 Transport of organic anions BibTex
2010-07-07 R-HSA-804914 Transport of fatty acids BibTex
2010-05-10 R-HSA-727802 Transport of nucleotide sugars BibTex
2010-05-10 R-HSA-561048 Organic anion transport BibTex
2010-05-10 R-HSA-549132 Organic cation/anion/zwitterion transport BibTex
2010-05-10 R-HSA-549127 Organic cation transport BibTex
2009-12-12 R-HSA-500792 GPCR ligand binding BibTex
2009-11-12 R-HSA-444411 Rhesus glycoproteins mediate ammonium transport. BibTex
2009-11-12 R-HSA-442660 Na+/Cl- dependent neurotransmitter transporters BibTex
2009-11-12 R-HSA-442380 Zinc influx into cells by the SLC39 gene family BibTex
2009-11-12 R-HSA-435354 Zinc transporters BibTex
2009-11-12 R-HSA-435368 Zinc efflux and compartmentalization by the SLC30 family BibTex
2009-11-12 R-HSA-433692 Proton-coupled monocarboxylate transport BibTex
2009-11-12 R-HSA-433137 Sodium-coupled sulphate, di- and tri-carboxylate transporters BibTex
2009-08-24 R-HSA-429593 Inositol transporters BibTex
2009-08-24 R-HSA-428559 Proton-coupled neutral amino acid transporters BibTex
2009-08-24 R-HSA-428643 Organic anion transporters BibTex
2009-08-24 R-HSA-427975 Proton/oligopeptide cotransporters BibTex
2009-08-24 R-HSA-427601 Multifunctional anion exchangers BibTex
2009-08-24 R-HSA-427652 Sodium-coupled phosphate cotransporters BibTex
2009-08-24 R-HSA-427589 Type II Na+/Pi cotransporters BibTex
2009-08-24 R-HSA-426117 Cation-coupled Chloride cotransporters BibTex
2009-08-24 R-HSA-425986 Sodium/Proton exchangers BibTex
2009-08-24 R-HSA-425561 Sodium/Calcium exchangers BibTex
2009-08-24 R-HSA-425407 SLC-mediated transmembrane transport BibTex
2009-08-24 R-HSA-425366 Transport of bile salts and organic acids, metal ions and amine compounds BibTex
2009-11-12 R-HSA-425410 Metal ion SLC transporters BibTex
2010-05-10 R-HSA-425397 Transport of vitamins, nucleosides, and related molecules BibTex
2009-08-24 R-HSA-425393 Transport of inorganic cations/anions and amino acids/oligopeptides BibTex
2009-08-24 R-HSA-425381 Bicarbonate transporters BibTex
2009-05-29 R-HSA-420499 Class C/3 (Metabotropic glutamate/pheromone receptors) BibTex
2009-05-29 R-HSA-420092 Glucagon-type ligand receptors BibTex
2009-05-29 R-HSA-419812 Calcitonin-like ligand receptors BibTex
2009-05-29 R-HSA-419771 Opsins BibTex
2009-05-29 R-HSA-419408 Lysosphingolipid and LPA receptors BibTex
2009-05-29 R-HSA-418038 Nucleotide-like (purinergic) receptors BibTex
2009-05-29 R-HSA-417957 P2Y receptors BibTex
2009-05-29 R-HSA-417973 Adenosine P1 receptors BibTex
2009-05-29 R-HSA-391908 Prostanoid ligand receptors BibTex
2009-05-29 R-HSA-391906 Leukotriene receptors BibTex
2009-09-04 R-HSA-392170 ADP signalling through P2Y purinoceptor 12 BibTex
2009-05-29 R-HSA-391903 Eicosanoid ligand-binding receptors BibTex
2009-03-02 R-HSA-375281 Hormone ligand-binding receptors BibTex
2009-03-02 R-HSA-390666 Serotonin receptors BibTex
2009-03-02 R-HSA-390650 Histamine receptors BibTex
2009-03-02 R-HSA-390651 Dopamine receptors BibTex
2009-03-02 R-HSA-390696 Adrenoceptors BibTex
2009-03-02 R-HSA-390648 Muscarinic acetylcholine receptors BibTex
2009-03-02 R-HSA-389397 Orexin and neuropeptides FF and QRFP bind to their respective receptors BibTex
2009-03-02 R-HSA-388479 Vasopressin-like receptors BibTex
2009-03-02 R-HSA-380095 Tachykinin receptors bind tachykinins BibTex
2008-11-24 R-HSA-186797 Signaling by PDGF BibTex
2008-11-24 R-HSA-186763 Downstream signal transduction BibTex
R-HSA-380108 Chemokine receptors bind chemokines BibTex
2008-11-29 R-HSA-209952 Peptide hormone biosynthesis BibTex
2008-11-29 R-HSA-209822 Glycoprotein hormones BibTex
2008-05-28 R-HSA-196791 Vitamin D (calciferol) metabolism BibTex
2007-04-21 R-HSA-196108 Pregnenolone biosynthesis BibTex
2007-04-21 R-HSA-193993 Mineralocorticoid biosynthesis BibTex
2007-04-21 R-HSA-193144 Estrogen biosynthesis BibTex
2007-04-21 R-HSA-193048 Androgen biosynthesis BibTex
2007-04-21 R-HSA-194002 Glucocorticoid biosynthesis BibTex
2008-05-28 R-HSA-209905 Catecholamine biosynthesis BibTex
2008-05-28 R-HSA-350864 Regulation of thyroid hormone activity BibTex
2008-05-28 R-HSA-209968 Thyroxine biosynthesis BibTex
2008-05-28 R-HSA-209931 Serotonin and melatonin biosynthesis BibTex
2008-05-28 R-HSA-209776 Metabolism of amine-derived hormones BibTex
2009-03-02 R-HSA-375280 Amine ligand-binding receptors BibTex
2008-09-01 R-HSA-375276 Peptide ligand-binding receptors BibTex
2009-05-29 R-HSA-373080 Class B/2 (Secretin family receptors) BibTex
2008-09-01 R-HSA-373076 Class A/1 (Rhodopsin-like receptors) BibTex
2008-09-01 R-HSA-372790 Signaling by GPCR BibTex
2008-05-28 R-HSA-211859 Biological oxidations BibTex
2008-05-28 R-HSA-211945 Phase I - Functionalization of compounds BibTex
2008-05-28 R-HSA-211897 Cytochrome P450 - arranged by substrate type BibTex
2008-05-28 R-HSA-211916 Vitamins BibTex
2008-05-28 R-HSA-211981 Xenobiotics BibTex
2008-05-28 R-HSA-211999 CYP2E1 reactions BibTex
2008-05-28 R-HSA-211957 Aromatic amines can be N-hydroxylated or N-dealkylated by CYP1A2 BibTex
2008-05-28 R-HSA-211935 Fatty acids BibTex
2008-05-28 R-HSA-211976 Endogenous sterols BibTex
2008-05-28 R-HSA-211994 Sterols are 12-hydroxylated by CYP8B1 BibTex
2008-05-28 R-HSA-211979 Eicosanoids BibTex
2008-05-28 R-HSA-211958 Miscellaneous substrates BibTex
2008-05-28 R-HSA-141334 PAOs oxidise polyamines to amines BibTex
2008-05-28 R-HSA-141333 Biogenic amines are oxidatively deaminated to aldehydes by MAOA and MAOB BibTex
2008-05-28 R-HSA-140179 Amine Oxidase reactions BibTex
2008-05-28 R-HSA-217271 FMO oxidises nucleophiles BibTex
2008-05-28 R-HSA-140180 COX reactions BibTex
R-HSA-71384 Ethanol oxidation BibTex
2008-02-28 R-HSA-177929 Signaling by EGFR BibTex
2008-02-12 R-HSA-212718 EGFR interacts with phospholipase C-gamma BibTex
R-HSA-197264 Nicotinamide salvaging BibTex
R-HSA-196854 Metabolism of vitamins and cofactors BibTex
R-HSA-196849 Metabolism of water-soluble vitamins and cofactors BibTex
R-HSA-196780 Biotin transport and metabolism BibTex
2007-07-10 R-HSA-196783 Coenzyme A biosynthesis BibTex
R-HSA-196807 Nicotinate metabolism BibTex
R-HSA-196819 Vitamin B1 (thiamin) metabolism BibTex
2013-04-15 R-HSA-196741 Cobalamin (Cbl, vitamin B12) transport and metabolism BibTex
R-HSA-196836 Vitamin C (ascorbate) metabolism BibTex
2007-04-21 R-HSA-196071 Metabolism of steroid hormones BibTex
R-HSA-556833 Metabolism of lipids BibTex
2007-02-03 R-HSA-8978868 Fatty acid metabolism BibTex
2007-02-03 R-HSA-8979227 Triglyceride metabolism BibTex
2015-11-02 R-HSA-8957322 Metabolism of steroids BibTex
2007-01-22 R-HSA-191273 Cholesterol biosynthesis BibTex
2007-01-24 R-HSA-189451 Heme biosynthesis BibTex
2007-04-30 R-HSA-194068 Bile acid and bile salt metabolism BibTex
2007-04-30 R-HSA-192105 Synthesis of bile acids and bile salts BibTex
2007-04-30 R-HSA-193368 Synthesis of bile acids and bile salts via 7alpha-hydroxycholesterol BibTex
R-HSA-174362 Transport and synthesis of PAPS BibTex
2006-04-18 R-HSA-170834 Signaling by TGF-beta Receptor Complex BibTex
R-HSA-166187 Mitochondrial Uncoupling Proteins BibTex
R-HSA-163210 Formation of ATP by chemiosmotic coupling BibTex
R-DME-110523 TOR signaling pathway BibTex
2005-06-14 R-DME-5252538 Drosophila signaling pathways BibTex
2004-05-12 R-DME-110526 Insulin receptor mediated signaling BibTex
2005-05-12 R-HSA-163200 Respiratory electron transport, ATP synthesis by chemiosmotic coupling, and heat production by uncoupling proteins. BibTex
2005-05-12 R-HSA-611105 Respiratory electron transport BibTex
R-HSA-156587 Amino Acid conjugation BibTex
R-HSA-159424 Conjugation of carboxylic acids BibTex
2007-04-30 R-HSA-159418 Recycling of bile acids and salts BibTex
R-HSA-156581 Methylation BibTex
2004-12-15 R-HSA-157118 Signaling by NOTCH BibTex
2004-12-15 R-HSA-1980145 Signaling by NOTCH2 BibTex
2004-12-15 R-HSA-9013694 Signaling by NOTCH4 BibTex
2004-12-15 R-HSA-9012852 Signaling by NOTCH3 BibTex
2004-12-15 R-HSA-1912420 Pre-NOTCH Processing in Golgi BibTex
R-HSA-173599 Formation of the active cofactor, UDP-glucuronate BibTex
2011-05-23 R-HSA-174403 Glutathione synthesis and recycling BibTex
R-HSA-177135 Conjugation of benzoate with glycine BibTex
R-HSA-177128 Conjugation of salicylate with glycine BibTex
R-HSA-177162 Conjugation of phenylacetate with glutamine BibTex
R-HSA-156582 Acetylation BibTex
2011-05-23 R-HSA-156590 Glutathione conjugation BibTex
R-HSA-156580 Phase II - Conjugation of compounds BibTex
R-HSA-156588 Glucuronidation BibTex
R-HSA-156584 Cytosolic sulfonation of small molecules BibTex
2008-11-06 R-HSA-111885 Opioid Signalling BibTex
2008-11-06 R-HSA-202040 G-protein activation BibTex
2008-11-06 R-HSA-180024 DARPP-32 events BibTex
2008-11-06 R-HSA-112040 G-protein mediated events BibTex
2008-11-06 R-HSA-112043 PLC beta mediated events BibTex
2008-11-06 R-HSA-111996 Ca-dependent events BibTex
2008-11-06 R-HSA-111995 phospho-PLA2 pathway BibTex
2008-11-06 R-HSA-170660 Adenylate cyclase activating pathway BibTex
2008-11-06 R-HSA-111932 CaMK IV-mediated phosphorylation of CREB BibTex
2008-11-06 R-HSA-163615 PKA activation BibTex
2008-11-06 R-HSA-111931 PKA-mediated phosphorylation of CREB BibTex
2008-11-06 R-HSA-111957 Cam-PDE 1 activation BibTex
2008-11-06 R-HSA-111933 Calmodulin induced events BibTex
2008-11-06 R-HSA-111997 CaM pathway BibTex
2008-11-06 R-HSA-170670 Adenylate cyclase inhibitory pathway BibTex
R-DME-110478 Insulin signaling pathway BibTex
R-HSA-74217 Purine salvage BibTex
R-HSA-74259 Purine catabolism BibTex
2019-11-13 R-HSA-15869 Metabolism of nucleotides BibTex
2019-11-13 R-HSA-8956321 Nucleotide salvage BibTex
2019-11-13 R-HSA-8956319 Nucleobase catabolism BibTex
2019-11-13 R-HSA-8956320 Nucleobase biosynthesis BibTex
R-HSA-73817 Purine ribonucleoside monophosphate biosynthesis BibTex
R-HSA-73621 Pyrimidine catabolism BibTex
R-HSA-73614 Pyrimidine salvage BibTex