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Bijay Jassal

Ontario Institute for Cancer Research
Reviewed Pathways (101)
Date Identifier Pathway Reference
2021-08-06 R-HSA-9759774 Diseases of mitochondrial beta oxidation BibTex
2021-07-09 R-HSA-9735804 Diseases of nucleotide metabolism BibTex
2021-07-09 R-HSA-9735786 Nucleotide catabolism defects BibTex
2021-07-09 R-HSA-9735763 Defective PNP disrupts phosphorolysis of (deoxy)guanosine and (deoxy)inosine BibTex
2021-07-09 R-HSA-9734207 Nucleotide salvage defects BibTex
2021-07-09 R-HSA-9734281 Defective HPRT1 disrupts guanine and hypoxanthine salvage BibTex
2021-07-09 R-HSA-9734735 Defective ADA disrupts (deoxy)adenosine deamination BibTex
2021-07-09 R-HSA-9734195 Defective APRT disrupts adenine salvage BibTex
2020-01-09 R-HSA-9673163 Oleoyl-phe metabolism BibTex
2019-07-15 R-HSA-916853 Degradation of GABA BibTex
2017-01-18 R-HSA-8955332 Carboxyterminal post-translational modifications of tubulin BibTex
2016-08-04 R-HSA-8964038 LDL clearance BibTex
2016-02-18 R-HSA-8964011 HDL clearance BibTex
2016-01-29 R-HSA-8848584 Wax and plasmalogen biosynthesis BibTex
2016-01-27 R-HSA-174824 Plasma lipoprotein assembly, remodeling, and clearance BibTex
2016-01-27 R-HSA-8964043 Plasma lipoprotein clearance BibTex
2016-01-27 R-HSA-8964026 Chylomicron clearance BibTex
2016-01-27 R-HSA-8963899 Plasma lipoprotein remodeling BibTex
2016-01-27 R-HSA-8963901 Chylomicron remodeling BibTex
2016-01-27 R-HSA-8963898 Plasma lipoprotein assembly BibTex
2016-01-27 R-HSA-8963888 Chylomicron assembly BibTex
2015-11-30 R-HSA-6814848 Glycerophospholipid catabolism BibTex
2015-11-02 R-HSA-8957322 Metabolism of steroids BibTex
2015-11-02 R-HSA-191273 Cholesterol biosynthesis BibTex
2015-11-02 R-HSA-6807062 Cholesterol biosynthesis via lathosterol BibTex
2015-11-02 R-HSA-6807047 Cholesterol biosynthesis via desmosterol BibTex
2015-11-02 R-HSA-6806667 Metabolism of fat-soluble vitamins BibTex
2015-11-02 R-HSA-6806664 Metabolism of vitamin K BibTex
2015-08-18 R-HSA-6791465 Pentose phosphate pathway disease BibTex
2015-08-18 R-HSA-5659996 RPIA deficiency: failed conversion of R5P to RU5P BibTex
2015-08-18 R-HSA-6791055 TALDO1 deficiency: failed conversion of SH7P, GA3P to Fru(6)P, E4P BibTex
2015-08-18 R-HSA-6791461 RPIA deficiency: failed conversion of RU5P to R5P BibTex
2015-08-18 R-HSA-6791462 TALDO1 deficiency: failed conversion of Fru(6)P, E4P to SH7P, GA3P BibTex
2015-08-17 R-HSA-5662853 Essential pentosuria BibTex
2015-08-17 R-HSA-3229121 Glycogen storage diseases BibTex
2015-08-17 R-HSA-3814836 Glycogen storage disease type XV (GYG1) BibTex
2015-08-17 R-HSA-3858516 Glycogen storage disease type 0 (liver GYS2) BibTex
2015-08-17 R-HSA-3229133 Glycogen storage disease type Ib (SLC37A4) BibTex
2015-08-17 R-HSA-3282872 Severe congenital neutropenia type 4 (G6PC3) BibTex
2015-08-17 R-HSA-5357609 Glycogen storage disease type II (GAA) BibTex
2015-08-17 R-HSA-3878781 Glycogen storage disease type IV (GBE1) BibTex
2015-08-17 R-HSA-3828062 Glycogen storage disease type 0 (muscle GYS1) BibTex
2015-08-17 R-HSA-3274531 Glycogen storage disease type Ia (G6PC) BibTex
2015-08-13 R-HSA-5661270 Formation of xylulose-5-phosphate BibTex
2015-01-29 R-HSA-5657560 Hereditary fructose intolerance BibTex
2015-01-29 R-HSA-5659898 Intestinal saccharidase deficiencies BibTex
2015-01-29 R-HSA-5657562 Essential fructosuria BibTex
2015-01-29 R-HSA-5653890 Lactose synthesis BibTex
2015-01-29 R-HSA-70350 Fructose catabolism BibTex
2015-01-29 R-HSA-5652227 Fructose biosynthesis BibTex
2013-07-26 R-HSA-8982491 Glycogen metabolism BibTex
2013-07-26 R-HSA-3322077 Glycogen synthesis BibTex
2012-05-16 R-HSA-1475029 Reversible hydration of carbon dioxide BibTex
2012-04-27 R-HSA-1480926 O2/CO2 exchange in erythrocytes BibTex
2012-04-27 R-HSA-1247673 Erythrocytes take up oxygen and release carbon dioxide BibTex
2012-04-27 R-HSA-1237044 Erythrocytes take up carbon dioxide and release oxygen BibTex
2012-03-16 R-HSA-2160456 Phenylketonuria BibTex
2012-03-16 R-HSA-2161522 Abacavir ADME BibTex
2012-03-16 R-HSA-2161517 Abacavir transmembrane transport BibTex
2012-03-16 R-HSA-2161541 Abacavir metabolism BibTex
2010-11-09 R-HSA-2978092 Abnormal conversion of 2-oxoglutarate to 2-hydroxyglutarate BibTex
2010-11-09 R-HSA-880009 Interconversion of 2-oxoglutarate and 2-hydroxyglutarate BibTex
2010-09-23 R-HSA-1296071 Potassium Channels BibTex
2010-09-23 R-HSA-1296061 HCN channels BibTex
2010-09-23 R-HSA-1296072 Voltage gated Potassium channels BibTex
2010-09-23 R-HSA-1296346 Tandem pore domain potassium channels BibTex
2010-09-23 R-HSA-1299308 Tandem of pore domain in a weak inwardly rectifying K+ channels (TWIK) BibTex
2010-09-23 R-HSA-1299503 TWIK related potassium channel (TREK) BibTex
2010-09-23 R-HSA-1299316 TWIK-releated acid-sensitive K+ channel (TASK) BibTex
2010-09-23 R-HSA-1299287 Tandem pore domain halothane-inhibited K+ channel (THIK) BibTex
2010-09-23 R-HSA-1299344 TWIK-related spinal cord K+ channel (TRESK) BibTex
2010-09-23 R-HSA-1299361 TWIK-related alkaline pH activated K+ channel (TALK) BibTex
2010-09-23 R-HSA-1296052 Ca2+ activated K+ channels BibTex
2010-09-23 R-HSA-1296065 Inwardly rectifying K+ channels BibTex
2010-09-23 R-HSA-1296025 ATP sensitive Potassium channels BibTex
2010-09-23 R-HSA-1296059 G protein gated Potassium channels BibTex
2010-09-23 R-HSA-1296041 Activation of G protein gated Potassium channels BibTex
2010-09-23 R-HSA-1296053 Classical Kir channels BibTex
2010-09-23 R-HSA-1296067 Potassium transport channels BibTex
2009-08-20 R-HSA-428157 Sphingolipid metabolism BibTex
2009-03-03 R-HSA-389661 Glyoxylate metabolism and glycine degradation BibTex
2009-02-27 R-HSA-75896 Plasmalogen biosynthesis BibTex
2009-02-27 R-HSA-390918 Peroxisomal lipid metabolism BibTex
2009-02-27 R-HSA-389887 Beta-oxidation of pristanoyl-CoA BibTex
2009-02-27 R-HSA-389599 Alpha-oxidation of phytanate BibTex
2009-02-27 R-HSA-390247 Beta-oxidation of very long chain fatty acids BibTex
2009-02-27 R-HSA-8978934 Metabolism of cofactors BibTex
2009-02-27 R-HSA-389542 NADPH regeneration BibTex
2008-12-02 R-HSA-382551 Transport of small molecules BibTex
2008-06-13 R-HSA-8964058 HDL remodeling BibTex
2008-06-13 R-HSA-8964041 LDL remodeling BibTex
2008-06-13 R-HSA-8963896 HDL assembly BibTex
2008-06-13 R-HSA-8963676 Intestinal absorption BibTex
2008-06-13 R-HSA-8963678 Intestinal lipid absorption BibTex
2008-06-03 R-HSA-352230 Amino acid transport across the plasma membrane BibTex
2008-01-28 R-HSA-204626 Hypusine synthesis from eIF5A-lysine BibTex
2007-02-02 R-HSA-8978868 Fatty acid metabolism BibTex
2007-02-02 R-HSA-8979227 Triglyceride metabolism BibTex
2007-02-02 R-HSA-163560 Triglyceride catabolism BibTex
2007-02-02 R-HSA-75109 Triglyceride biosynthesis BibTex
2005-06-14 R-DME-5252538 Drosophila signaling pathways BibTex
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